I am taking a little break from the blog.  I just have a few other things in my life that I am focusing on and will happily bring back updates once things settle down a little bit.  Just wanted to update those of you waiting for new posts.  Happy Thursday!


Easter Weekend Recap: March 29-31

Easter Weekend was a blast!  It all started Friday night with Hannah.  We went out to dinner at a British themed restaurant called Governor's.  This was very exciting for Hannah, as she is interested in ALL things Britain (think Doctor Who, The Beatles, One Direction, the accent).  We followed this with an entertaining concert, a Beatles tribute band called The Return.  They sounded great singing, they should have kept their silly comments with their horrible fake accents to a minimum.  But it was a good night nevertheless!

Saturday morning, we packed our bags and headed up to Cedar Rapids for Easter with the family!  It was way fun as always.  We grilled out, shared stories, ate lots of candy...the usual.  After everyone left, Ryan and I and Brad and Emily headed out for dinner and drinks.  We went to an awesome bar in Cedar Rapids called, Parlor City.  The food was pretty good and there were 56 different beers on tap!  Of course, my first drink was a Captain and Diet (I can never start with beer), but then I got a flight to try some beers I never had before.  We ended the night with some monopoly...how we got talked into that I'll never know! :)

Sunday morning, we had a great breakfast (Thanks Em!) and headed home.  It was time for Easter with Ryan's family!  His grandma ended up not feeling well, but we had a wonderful meal, and adorable bunny cake, and played Trivial Pursuit for the Wii.  It was a great weekend.

Sorry for my delayed blog post, you'll be seeing another weekend recap in no time.  Happy Friday!