Weekend Recap: October 19-21

This weekend at home felt longer than normal (woohoo), due to the fact that I did not have choir rehearsal on Sunday evening.  I love being in choir, but I do not like the rehearsal time, on Sunday from 4:45-7:00, at all.  So this past weekend, there was no rehearsal, so I made the most out of my Sunday, and my whole weekend! :)

Friday night = Girl's Night #1.  Dinner with Nicole and Brooke.  Getting hit on/insulted by a really drunk guy.  Brooke getting told she looks like Justin Bieber by said drunk guy. Meeting Jaqui at Derek's concert.  Dancing to "Gangnam Style" with Nicole's mom. Enjoying the night with girl friends.  Drinking too much.

Saturday night = Girl's Night #2.  Movie night at Jess'. A random/frustrating trip to HyVee. Delicious frozen beverages (Mango Daiquiri, hello).  Watching one terrible movie.  Watching one fantastic movie.  Megan, Jess, and I all deciding to call it a night at 10:30 because we are lame and we were tired.  Taking no pictures. :(
Terrible Terrible Terrible
Great Movie!
Sunday = FOOTBALL.  Cooked all morning.  Mom and Dad joined us for lunch.  We finally got pictures in front of our house.  Took a nap after my parents left.  Ryan's family came over for dinner.  Ate some awesome chili.  Watched football.  Watched 60 minutes.  Cleaned up when they left.  Watched more football.  Enjoyed not having choir.

The bricks on the roof are flattening the shingles. :)
Happy Tuesday friends!


Taco Tuesday

I would just like to share that I love my co-workers, who have become such great friends.  We had a lovely taco dinner on Tuesday night, and I am looking forward to girl's night tonight!  

I couldn't decide which picture I liked better, but at least Theresa's face isn't cut off in the bottom one!  LOVE YOU GIRLS!


The Color Run

Saturday, October 6th: It was cold, Des Moines was nuts, and I was so out of shape...but I had the best time!  Stephanie and I took part in The Color Run, "the happiest 5K on the planet."  
We drove up Saturday morning and got there early so we had plenty of time to pick up our packets and get the lay of the land.  We ended up getting some gear at The Color Run store and eating some last-minute lunch I had luckily packed in the warmth of my car before standing in line for the starting line.

So even though we were the 1:00 wave, they released the starting line in 1,000 person heats.  The disappointing part of the race was the waiting.  It wouldn't have been so bad had we known ahead of time that it would be like that, and also, if it wasn't so cold!  As people became impatient, they were releasing their packets of color before the race even started.  It's probably not a big deal, but I wanted to get by first drops of color on the course, but this is what we looked as we approached the starting line (one hour later!):
Once we got started, we had a lot of fun!  Running/walking/dancing through each color station was like entering this alternate universe.  It was a great moment, and slightly crazy to share with 15,000 other runners.  Of course, this race is untimed, so we stopped several times to take some pictures and even to chat with a friend of Stephanie's.

The finish line was a lot of fun, there was a great DJ playing fun music and announcing times to release your color packets....I don't have the best picture of the awesome color cloud we created with everyone (I was scared to take out my camera), but I did get some pictures of the end product! :)

The Color Run was a great event that encouraged participation amongst all fitness levels and ages.  You get to dress goofy, act like a big dork, and dance to your hearts content, right along side every one else, so no one is judging you.  It was so much fun, we want to do it again next year!  
Post-race, Emily R was kind enough to let us utilize her facilities and clean off!! And then Emily, Ashley, Steph, and I grabbed dinner at Raccoon River (one of my faves!), before Stephanie and I made the drive home.  We clean up pretty well I must say!