Cut The Cord

For at least 99 days, I will be Facebook-free!  I just need a break.  I need to nourish my relationships in a real way...via email, phone, and in-person.  In two-days without Facebook, I have already communicated with two friends via email (one overseas), had a nice chat on the phone with a good friend in Wisconsin, and had dinner with a local friend.  It's amazing how much of a habit it was for me to look at Facebook at any "boring" moment in my day.  But instead, those moments are opportunities to do something for myself, read a book, email a friend, etc.

I'm certain I will miss some announcements and event invites, but I'm hoping that my close friends will make sure to remember me when these things come up! :)

Have you ever just needed a break from something and the best way to take that break was to completely cut the cord?  I'm hoping this decision will help my mental health and improve my quality of life.  And though it's only been two days without FB, it's amazing to how important getting notifications and messages and tags was to me.  And that's sad.  It's so superficial, as if "liking" each other's statuses equates to real friendship.  And it has gotten super braggy, and I know I'm guilty of that as well.  I know that it's my own weakness that my interactions on FB can lead to changing my emotions, so my best decision is to just step away.

Some people expressed that they were upset I was leaving, but to those people, I'm only an email or phone call away.  I'll try to update my blog more so you can see pictures.  And let's talk!  Let's bring our friendship into reality and live a little "off the grid."