September Goals

I'm glad I started doing goals again...of course, I definitely did not meet them all in August, but setting some did finally get me thinking about the things I want to accomplish and what I can at least start to do or think about to reach my goals.  Here's a follow up on August:

  1. Start reading a book, a fluff book!  FAIL! Though I'm one step closer and did pick the book I want to read, so this goal might have to carry over to next month :)
  2. Lose 5 pounds by the end of the month. Almost exactly! 5.2 pounds lost in August!  Woohoo!  Wish it would have been more...but stress kinda got in the way.
  3. Do 2 5Ks per week, and of course, I mean at the gym. FAIL! I probably did 2 5ks in the month, however, I did end up with the stomach flu in the middle of the month which totally  put me out of commission for a good work out for nearly a week!  I have hit the gym or worked out at home at least three times per week.
  4. Get my rear in gear and sign up for the Cocoa Beano 5k before registration fills up! I'm going to do that right now... hehe.
I'm OK with the way things turned out in August.  I haven't set personal goals in quite a few months and my month was kinda jacked up with hosting a bachelorette party, getting the stomach flu, and being MOH in a wedding.  So you know, I'm just gonna say it, I'm proud!  Now onto September:
  1. PACK, CLEAN, PAINT, PACK, CLEAN, MOVE, PAINT...so we close on our house on Sept. 14th, and we have to be out of our rental house by the end of September.  Obviously, this goal will be reached, but I'm also hoping to motivate myself to start packing now, and I already have paint colors picked out!
  2. Take a few moments to myself and READ!  I think more than anything, this is just trying to make a point to have some me-time.
  3. Train for the Cocoa Beano 5k, I want to improve on my time from last year...hopefully it's not as cold this time, that just plain hurt my lungs!
  4. Lose 6.2 pounds this month, so I can reach my next goal weight and then set a new goal from there. :)
Do you have any goals for this coming month?  If so, I wish you the best of luck with achieving them!  Happy Friday!


Wedding Weekend Recap: Brooke and Ryan

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being the MAID (technically matron) of honor in Brooke's wedding!  So I took Friday off to help out with all of the decorating, to participate in mani/pedis, and of course, to work out all of the kinks at the rehearsal.  We ended the day with a super great picnic at the park where Brooke and Ryan met.  It was a stressful day, but also lots of fun!
First thing in the morning, we woke up from our sleepover (with our funny sleeping arrangements) and started getting ready for the day.  We gathered our things and headed to our hair appointments!
We spent the rest of the morning getting ready at the church, perhaps with some adult refreshments to help calm the nerves :)
We followed the ceremony with a surprise from Brooke's step dad; a limo!  So we rushed to get our stuff gathered and get the party started!!  We drove around getting some pictures taken and stopping at Bent River for some brews.  
We got to the reception and partied it up!  It was so much fun, great music, lots of dancing, yummy cake, and good friends. 
I also got to spend the evening with my wonderful husband, reminiscing about our wedding day and how much fun we had and hoping that Brooke and Ryan enjoyed their special day as much as we did!
Finally, and I know this was a really long post (sorry!), I just had to share the link to my maid of honor toast, which was, of course, sung!  Once I hit 100 views, I get to go on the Today Show right? ;)



On Monday night, the bride-to-be, Brooke, and I got together for last minute detail finalizing and wine! :)  We grabbed dinner at Panera and enjoyed a wine flight at the Grape Life in Davenport.  It was so special and important to get that one-on-one girl time with Brooke before she walks down the aisle this weekend!

Brooke, this weekend is going to be a memorable one, it's gonna go down in the history books!  Whether everything on Saturday goes off as planned (and I'm confident it will) or not, your love for Ryan will outshine every detail and you will be happier than ever to call him your husband!  I am so honored to share this moment with you, now, let the party begin!!


Who Are We Fooling?

On Labor Day weekend, I will be singing in my friend's wedding.  Not only am I ecstatic that she is getting married, and that she asked me to sing in it...but she asked me to sing a couple of really gorgeous pieces!  I am most excited about this song called, "Who Are We Fooling?" by Brooke Fraser.  You should really listen to it (follow the link), it's a beautiful and haunting piece.

So we're back here again
Tiptoeing 'round the edge of the end
Wondering who will be last to admit
That we're finally over

Turned 21 on the day that we met
Terrible shoes, implausible dress
It's funny how sad the funny things get as you grow older

Better or worse
But what else can we do?
When better or worse
I am tethered to you
If it's not either of us
Tell me who are we fooling?

I learnt the art of biting my tongue
I tired of trying to guess what was wrong
Both agreed on where we should go
But not how to get there

We tried and tried to loosen the knots
Thinking once we're untangled we'll be better off
But it’s these failures and faults that hold us together

Better or worse
But what else can we do?
When better or worse
I am tethered to you
If it's not either of us
Tell me who are we fooling?

This beautiful tangle that's bruising us blue
Is the beautiful knot that we just can't undo
Together we're one but apart tell me
Who are we fooling?

'Cause real love is hard love
It's all we have
It's a break neck 
Train wreck
It's all we have

So we're back here again
Turning away from the edge of the end
Arm in arm

Better or worse
But what else can we do?
When better or worse
I am tethered to you
If it's not either of us
Tell me who are we fooling?

This beautiful tangle that's bruising us blue
Is the beautiful knot that we just can't undo
If it's not either of us
Tell me who are we fooling?

Together we're one but apart tell me 
Who are we fooling?


It Begins...

The wedding madness has officially begun in my life...though I'm not complaining!  Last year was way WAY crazier, and of course, lots of fun.  This past weekend, I threw Brooke's bachelorette party!  I am feeling so soo lucky that, despite having the stomach flu on Friday morning, I was feeling good enough on Saturday to go through with all of the events as scheduled!

We went to the Farmer's Market...
followed by a trip to LeClaire, Iowa.
Then we had some drinks and opened presents...
before dinner and a River Bandits game!

We crashed a bachelor party...
before partying the night away!
I think our bride-to-be had a wonderful time!  She had a great turn out because she is a beautiful person, inside and out, with lots of friends who love her!  Ryan is one lucky guy to marrying this hottie!

My upcoming wedding agenda:
1. Brooke's wedding - August 25th
2. Lindsey's shower - August 28th
3. Lindsey's wedding - September 2nd
4. Laura's bachelorette party - September 8th
5. Laura's wedding - September 29th
Not so bad!  Last year was far busier!


August Goals

A couple of months ago, when I started slacking off from posting in blog, one of the first things to go was my recurring monthly goal post.  Probably because I was tired of failing to meet my goals...but my motivation is back and I'm physically feeling better than I have for the past few months, so it's goal time!

  1. Start reading a book, a fluff book!  I have some friends that want to restart book club, so I need to ease back into reading with something easy...and no, it will not be 50 Shade of Grey, blech!
  2. Lose 5 pounds by the end of the month (starting now).  I've already lost 2, but I'm confident I can wiggle a few more off, preferably by Brooke's wedding in two weeks!
  3. Do 2 5Ks per week, and of course, I mean at the gym.  I don't care if I walk them, I just want to complete that distance each time I hit the treadmill.  The other 2 days I spend at the gym are usually on the bike/elliptical for 20 minutes and circuit training for 20 minutes.
  4. Get my rear in gear and sign up for the Cocoa Beano 5k before registration fills up!
Last year's Cocoa Beano group
That's good enough for now, considering there's not a full month left.  Just wait until you see next months goals, lol.  Buying a house gives you big dreams and goals, most likely unrealistic ones!

Happy Thursday!


Weekend Recap: August 3-5

Good morning friends and happy Monday!  I can't believe the weekend is already over :(  Lots of exciting things happened this weekend, so I guess it just flew by.

Friday night, I got to reconnect with my friend Emily R, who I haven't seen in quite awhile.  We met up for some drinks and appetizers and had such a fantastic evening catching up!  I can't wait to get together with her again!

Saturday morning, I met up with Lindsey A at Panera and we talked wedding (her's is Labor Day Weekend) and just general life stuff.  It was wonderful, and delicious.  Later that day, Ryan and I were going to head to the gym, but we got wrapped up planning our trip to Mexico instead. :)  A few hours later, Emily and Brad arrived.  Woohoo!

Our first stop was to Azteca for margaritas and good food!  Then we drove out to Rustic Ridge in Eldridge for my mom's (and Lynette's) 50th birthday party!  I must say, I do hope I look as good as these ladies when I turn 50.
We enjoyed the evening with beer, cake, and...bagpipes?!
Lynette's husband, Matt, asked their good friend to bust out his bagpipes for a couple of songs.  It was fun!  The whole night was really fun, plus we had a great time hanging out with Emily and Brad.

On Sunday morning, after hitting up the gym, I spent the afternoon out at Scott County Park with my Little for the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters picnic.  It was Olympic themed and different colored teams would compete against each other in different events such as the Long Jump, Kickball, and of course, the Cheetos Toss.  We were team red, hence Hannah's red whiskers.

And of course, as is tradition at the annual picnic, they ended the day with an all out war. A water balloon war that is!
I had a great weekend, and can't believe it is already Monday!  I am looking forward to this next weekend already too celebrate Brooke's Final Fling and catch up with so many friends! :)