Sunday-Tuesday Recap

      So my Sunday, Monday and Tuesday get their own recap because I had a friend come to visit me!  Ashley L was home for the holidays from grad school in Pittsburgh.  After spending her first week with family in Ames, she decided to come visit me for a couple of days, score!  I got some much needed girl time and a little pre-planning done for my trip to Pittsburgh in February.
      She came on Christmas night, so after long days with family, we decided to just stay in and catch up.  We didn't stay up too crazy late, but we did make a trip to the only place open on Christmas night, Walgreens, to grab some snacks.  Oh it was just wonderful talking the night away with her. 
      Monday morning I snapped my one and only picture from my phone from the entire weekend/week, because Cali LOVES when Ashley comes to visit...someone to cuddle with on the couch!
I bet Ashley loves this pic
      We ditched Ashley for a little bit on Monday to go to our family Christmas.  And then on the way home, we randomly decided to swing by Target to see if the Playstation 3 bundle was still available.  
      Here was the deal: 320 GB Playstation 3 that came with one wireless controller, one move controller, the PS eye, and Everybody Dance (like Just Dance).  On top of that, when you purchased it, you received a $75 Target gift card.  So we get there, it doesn't take me long to see a Playstation locked up in an end cabinet with a bunch of Nintendo DS...odd place for a PS3 right?  So we ask the closest worker if the "doorbuster" deal is still going where we can get the $75 gift card with the purchase of the PS3 bundle. (There was no way we were spending $300 without getting some of it back!)  He said, "the deal lasts all week, but unfortunately, we're sold out of the systems" "Oh...isn't that one right there?" I asked.  His face was priceless, "Ohhhhh. My. Gosh. I forgot about that one...we've been telling people we sold out"  Well anyway, we saw it, we got it.  It was a sign, we were meant to own one!
      We came home, grabbed Ashley, and armed with gift cards, purchased a couple games.  May I just say, I. LOVE. LITTLE. BIG. PLANET. 2.  Then we grabbed some Mexicano at Los Agaves, and some margaritas as well.  I love my husband, he offered to bring us to the martini bar, drop us off and pick us up later.  Yuuuupppp (as Dave would say on Storage Wars...anyone? anyone?)
Super blurry picture from Ashley's phone
      Tuesday morning, I woke up with killer heart burn because I had run out of my prescription.  That put a damper on some of our plans, however, we did end up getting out to refill it and I felt just good enough to grab some sushi with Ash at Red Ginger before saying goodbye.  Of course, that Spicy Salmon came back to bite me later and I spent the rest of the day curled on the couch.  
      It was such a great time to just relax with Ashley and catch-up and now I am SOOOOO looking forward to my trip to Pittsburgh to visit over my birthday!  Whoop! 


The Best Gift Is Love

As you know, last weekend was Christmas, and it was a busy one!  Luckily, it was not nearly as crazy as last year.  We spent a lot of time with family, but did not have to travel too far to see everyone.  Even though we were busy with plans, it was pretty darn relaxing!  There won't be many personal photos in the post...as is the norm lately.  Why you ask? BECAUSE MY CAMERA IS BROKEN! :( Of course, I discovered this as I was heading to Christmas #1 of the year.  Waaahhhhh, I'm starting to have as much luck with cameras as my friend Ashley F (love you!).
So Christmas #1 was actually two weekends ago up in Dubuque with my Mom's side of the family.  I stole a couple of her pictures from Facebook.  It was day full of good food, good laughs, and great family memories!

Christmas #2 was Christmas Eve with my immediate family.  We spent the better part of the entire day with them.  It was nice to just chill, eat a great dinner (good job mom), open some lovely gifts, go to church, and come back to play video games. I think we were there until around 1am...I may or may not have been sleeping on the couch at that point.
Christmas #3 was actually on Christmas. We went to the in-laws' house for brunch where we were also met by his grandmother.  We had a fabulous and gigantic meal and then opened some presents.  It was so nice to just lounge around with nowhere else to go in the same day.  We probably spent about 6 hours there and were still able to mosey on back to our house around 4:30 and clean.  My friend Ashley L, who came to home to Ames from Pittsburgh for a couple weeks, was on her way to Davenport to visit me!  I have no pictures from this day :(
Christmas #4 was the day after Christmas.  Back to my parents house with my Dad's side of the family.  I'm pretty sure the picture says it all! =)
I had the most wonderful Christmas' and scored some great gifts.  This might sound cheesy and all, but the priest brought it up at service Saturday night.  The greatest gift anyone can receive is love, and my weekend was chock full of it!  From my extended family, to my husband, to my parents and siblings (that includes in-laws), and my friends, I feel so blessed and grateful to have them all in my life and of all of the things I got for Christmas, spending time with my loved ones was definitely all I could have ever truly wanted.


My Sister Is Engaged!

Yes, this in fact deserved it's own post, even for how short it is.  Brad and Emily have been dating for over 6 years and he caught us all by surprise by waiting until AFTER Christmas to propose to her!  The ring is beautiful and perfect for Emily.  They went up to Minneapolis yesterday for the night and that is when it happened, so they spent yesterday and today enjoying their getaway together!  No plans have been made yet, but I've got my pinterest board ready to go and anxiously awaiting more additions!

I CANNOT wait to help my sister plan her wedding!  I am simply ecstatic for the two of them and their future together. :D


Mini Kiss Pies

Many of my new dessert recipes come from my little friend, Pinterest.  And of course, these are no exception.  I saw the link to these cute little pies and had to give them a try!  As per usual, I added my own little twist and made half of them with Hershey Kisses as directed and the other half with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, because they are bomb (use of this word can be credited to Ashley F).
Alas, I must give credit where credit is due and Pinterest did not, of course, come up with this recipe.  It was actually discovered on this blog!  It's a cute blog with some fun recipes, you must check it out.  Even to get this recipe, because I don't want to type it out :)  I will, however, share my step-by-step photos AND mistakes!

See, they looked alright the second go around!  But here are some pictures of why you MUST pinch all the seams together.  Not doing so with caramel kisses resulted in caramel baked onto my pan, which we ended up throwing away.

They were still delicious.  I brought the presentable ones to my family Christmas and they were devoured quickly!  I definitely recommend giving these little cuties a shot, just be careful.


Weekend Recap December 9-11

I am becoming super lame because I never take pictures anymore.  What has happened to the Sarah that probably annoyed people with how many pictures she wanted to take?!  Well, she probably realized she was annoying people and backed off.  But now, I never take any!  Bummer. So here is the brief, verbal recap of my weekend:

Friday- Quad City Singers concert!  It was our first of two concerts this weekend and my first concert performing with the choir.  We had a lot of fun and a big crowd!  After the concert, I came home to get a good night's rest and hang out with the hubs.
Saturday- Morning workout followed by coffee with Stephanie!  It was so wonderful catching up and chatting about her new job.  In the middle of our coffee break, my friend Laura called.  I thought it was about something I had texted her earlier, but it turns out, SHE'S ENGAGED!  Excellent.  Later that afternoon, Ryan and I got some shopping done and then I had to get ready for my second Quad City Singers concert.  Again, I had so much fun and I knew a lot of people that were there Saturday night.  My parents, mother in law, grandmother in law, Ryan, Emily, Brad, my adopted grandparents-Phyllis and Jim, and my coworker who brought 5 of her friends!  Good times.  After the concert, we went to Old Chicago for a little bit with Brad and Emily.  Why can't you two live closer?
Sunday- Zip, zilch, nada...or so I thought.  Haha, I totally forgot that I was watching my brother that evening.  So I watched football during the day (poor Bears and Vikings) and then my dad called to ask when I was coming out there. "Haha, ummm, be there soon."  Alex and I made some mac and cheese and watched Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.  Woot!  It was a great weekend, and thankfully another one when we didn't have to travel!


Remember When...

Our Internet has been down for a couple of days...let me tell you, it's no fun.  What did we ever do before the Internet?  And of course, since we had no Internet, I just used my smart phone to access my email, facebook, pinterest, etc. What the heck did we do before smart phones?! Or even just cell phones?!

I laughed, because the other day, my Little walked by a closet in her house and noticed an old turn-dial phone and asked, "what is that?"  Oh my goodness, my children will not what it's like to have a land line (except MAYBE at work).  They won't know that, if they were kids when I was, to talk to a friend outside of school they would have to call their house and ask for them.  Or ride their bike down to their friend's house.  Oh my goodness, will they ride a bike?!  Or will they be so wrapped up in video games that they won't even play outside?

My friend Brooke forwarded me an email at work (and we usually don't do forwards) that explained how those of use born in the 80's were the last generation of kids who will remember playing before computers and texting.  It kind of worries me what kind of generation we are creating.  They'll be super smart, but they wont be brave enough to climb a tree...that or they'll be too lazy to.  Goodness it scares me!  Ryan and I will just have to be committed to showing our children the world outside of technology.  Play board games with them, go hiking, take road trips, catch lightning bugs, send them to camp, and read books (the real paper kind).

It's amazing that I'm old enough now to realize a new generation is behind me.  I'm no longer the "younger generation" and I was probably the last generation to remember what it was like when Dad brought a computer home....with a game on it!  Amazing how much has changed in 25 years.