Liberal Catholic

Doesn't seem possible right?  A liberal Catholic. But I am!  And proud of it...and I know I'm not alone!  I attended a retreat this past weekend, and though it was held at a Catholic Church, it was open to women of all denominations.  I loved it.  I loved that the whole weekend was centered around building a faith community, and not necessarily in a Church. 

I took a lot away from the retreat, and there is a lot that I am still processing.  But this week has resulted in some unusual actions from me, like listening to Christian Radio and reading Catholic news online...what?!  Out of the ordinary right?  I don't know how long those habits will last, but I did like this one article I stumbled upon. 

I am all for gay marriage, ALL. FOR. IT.  And I'm not ashamed to admit it.  So it has been, at times, hard to sit through marriage ceremonies of friends who had Christian ceremonies and their pastor emphasised that marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN.  And it has, at times, been difficult to admit being Catholic with the Church's formal stand against gay marriage. However, not all of us Catholics are as conservative as the Vatican.  Some of us agree that the marriage of a gay couple is still a marriage under God, and some of us wish that priests could marry, and that women should be able to be priests...so I was happy to read this article below.  I don't believe in every statement the guy makes, but I love that agrees that marriage between a gay or lesbian couple can still be a sacrament and is still an example of God's love for all humanity.


I hope you all have a blessed day!


Love You Through It

I do not know where I have been the past year, since until this past weekend, I had never heard this song.  But this song, and especially along with the video, is such an amazing and moving message.  We all know someone who has suffered, or is suffering, with a cancer diagnosis.  Just remember to love them through it!


Weekend Recap: January 11-13

I've been such a slacker lately!  Sorry for the lack of blog posts.  It could just be that I have had a lot of other things to think about in my free time, like the fact that Ryan and I will be joining our best friends in Mexico tomorrow!  Well, we'll first meet up with them during our FIVE HOUR layover in Dallas (ugh), and then we'll be off to Cancun.  Woohoo!

I know I'll want to post about Cancun when I get back, so I did not want to forget to post about my past weekend.

-Pre-Mexico night with the hubs w/ margaritas and chips and salsa.  
-Watched the movie Collateral
-Organized some pictures for my wedding scrapbook (yes, finally!)

-Family reunion in La Porte City
-Enjoyed playing with the babies at the family reunion
-Brooke was my hot date to our company party
-Watched football, had free drinks, danced with good work friends

-Lazy morning
-Saw The Hobbit (for an unnecessary second time) in 3D at the Putnam Museum with Hannah
-Perused the mall for Mexico wardrobe
-Watched more football and relaxed with Ryan

It was a pretty jam packed weekend, as all of my weekends seem to be these days.  But I'm not sure I would trade in all of the memories and friendships for a more laid back lifestyle.  I'd rather be tired than lonely!  Happy Wednesday! :)


2013 Goals

Why is it so hard to come up with attainable and meaningful resolutions?  I don't even think I want to go back and look at my 2012 goals, because I'm sure I didn't end up keeping any of them!  I can't say it's for lack of trying.  I have been motivated to reach various smaller goals throughout the year...and maybe that's what works for me!  Perhaps my resolution this year will be to reevaluate myself each month and decide what my goals should be for that month.  Seems to work, keeps it fresh in the mind. 

I do have one year-long goal, that I guess is technically twelve monthly goals.  I really want to read more...so if anyone has any book recommendations, do share!

So here it is, the official list, and each month, I will have a set of three short term goals posted.

1. Read one book a month
2. Be a more thoughtful and compassionate person
3. Re-evaluate ME each month and set smaller monthly goals focused on what's important to me at that time

January Goals
1. Hit the gym 4 times per week
2. Eat out less, a whole lot less (as I write these goals at Panera!)
3. Organize a bible or book study with friends

There they are: measurable, attainable, and meaningful goals.

Happy New Year friends!