Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I know, it's almost this weekend and I'm finally getting around to writing about last weekend!  I've been busy, like way busy...but I'm making time now.  This recap may be brief to save time, but don't worry, there will be plenty of pictures!

We headed to Omaha last weekend to visit Ashley and Andy.  On Friday night, we even got a bonus because Laura and Jason were still in town!  We went to a new bar called Beercade, which has some great old school arcade games and good beer.  Then we headed to Krug Park so we could enjoy some delicious Bloody Mary's.

Saturday morning, Ashley and I ran some errands, yes that means a Trader Joe's stop! Then just chilled until we had to head to golf course.  Whoop whoop!  We had a 3:30 tee time, so we hit up the driving range first.  It was HOT, so Ashley and I played 5 holes and then just decided to drink out beer and ride in the cart the rest of the game.

After golf, we grilled out, caught up on "Girls," and played euchre the rest of the night!  

Sunday, we went to the zoo!  Despite Ryan and Andy being Debbie Downers before we even parked the car, it ended up not being as crazy as it looked.  The zoo is big enough to accommodate a lot of people, so the worst thing was that a few of the inside exhibits were a little crowded, probably because it was so hot outside!  Highlights from the zoo: the skyfari ride, watching the sea lions and the bears get fed, and the monkeys fighting over the baby monkey!

After the zoo we scored some Red Mango and then went home to get ready for dinner.  We went to Espana, a tapas restaurant.  OMG, it was so good and so worth that little bit extra we paid as opposed to a regular dinner out.  Then we came home and watched the new Game of Thrones, then Ashley and I enjoyed a chat on the deck and then we played euchre, again!
On Monday, we slept in, packed up, and grabbed some lunch at Sgt. Peffer's.  This was a cute little Italian place in a random neighborhood and it was quite yummy!  Then we said goodbye to Andy and Ashley and made the long drive home!

I hope you all had a great weekend and have something to look forward to this weekend :)


Crockpot Chicken Tacos

I actually made this a long time ago, before I even got my new camera in February, so all of the pictures were taken on my phone. This recipe is so simple, just through a few things in the crock-pot and it comes out a Mexican mess of awesome!

This is the recipe I pulled from Pinterest:
"Bag of frozen chicken in the crock pot. Put the cream cheese, corn, salsa and black beans on top and let it go for 6-8 hours on low. shred when done. serve with chips or as tacos."

I didn't use a WHOLE bag of chicken, I think it was like four breasts. And it was a LOT for Ryan and me. Also, I took pictures of the specific ingredients I used.

As is typical of myself! I don't have a picture of the finished product. We served it as tacos for dinner, and for the next day's lunch...and the next day....and the next day. But it was good! Not that bad for you either, we used fat free cream cheese and all of those veggies and lean chicken added up to not be too bad!

I think it would be good, with something to water it down a little, as a dip for a party. And I would probably even downsize it a little bit too! Also, I saw that someone had served it on rice.

Now that it's summer time, nobody probably even wants to make stuff in the crock-pot, but save it for fall, I recommend it!


2 Timothy 1:7

"For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control"
I should get this tattooed on my forehead for every time I look in the mirror!

Weekend Recap May 18-20

Good morning friends!  Happy Tuesday :)
This past weekend was a fantastic one, like really super good!  My sister came to town Friday night to visit, so we got together with some girl friends for a great night consisting of Mexican food, a game of bags, and dueling pianos!

Saturday morning, we had a wedding dress shopping appointment!  It was so wonderful seeing my sister in wedding dresses, she looked BEAUTIFUL! I won't be posting any pictures of the experience, but just trust me, she was stunning.  Then my mom, sister, and I had lunch at 11th Street Precinct...delicious! Later that day, Em and I met with a photographer, and then hit up a graduation party! It was a good day. 

Sunday was both good and bad.  I slept in, we accomplished a lot in the late morning, had a yummy lunch, and took care of some things when we got home.  But then the headache set in...it was awful!  I think it was a tension headache, but anyway, I was in bed for most of the late afternoon.  Luckily, I felt better later that evening so I could get ready for the busy week ahead of me. 


Looking Ahead

My next couple months are going to be NUTS!  I will try my darndest to keep it cool and take it one thing at a time.  When I think of the big picture, my upcoming events/plans overwhelm me, but if I only think about the next thing on my list of exciting things to do, then I can enjoy the planning of that activity and have fun while I'm at it!

First things first, tonight, I no longer have to go to play practice, so I'll be cleaning out my old car.  This might not sound like fun, but the prospect of selling it to make the required repairs on my new car sounds fantastic!  Let's get that sucker out of here.  Know anyone in the market for a 1998 Lumina with lots of miles on it?! ;)

Check out the rest of my upcoming agenda:
1. Girls night Friday with my sister and Brooke!
2. Saturday - Wedding dress shopping, wedding talk, photographer interview with my sis.
3. Sunday - Bike ride with Nicole
4. Play rehearsal every single weeknight next week
5. Next Friday-Monday - OMAHA!
6. More play rehearsal
7. Sunday June 3 - Golf Outing w/ coworkers
9. More play rehearsal
10. June 8-16 - COLORADO VACATION!
11. June 17-end of June - King and I tech week and two weekends of performances.
12. July 2 - tattoo appointment
13. July 4 - fireworks, duh
14. July 6-8 - Des Moines to celebrate Ashley's bday, twin style ;)
15. July 11 - Ryan's Birthday
16. July 14 - John Deere Classic and running the Moonlight Chase that night
17. End of July - one or two days of RAGBRAI

Holy moly....I don't even want to think about August yet, but I do know every single weekend is filled with wedding events!  Oh yes, and somewhere in July, my dear friend Lindsey will be returning to the states, to Davenport to be specific and I CANNOT WAIT!  That is all.  Hope I didn't overwhelm you as much as I did me!


A New Addition to the Family

Sarah got a new car! What What?  She's beautiful!  A 2005 fully loaded Ford Escape Limited. My most favorite thing about the car, besides never having to drive the Lumina ever again, is the sun roof!  But I've been told I should be more impressed with the stereo system, complete with amazing rear sub woofer!  So of course, I had to test its skills with none other than Lonely Island...it was fantastic! :)
The Lonely Island – Turtleneck & Chain
I have been a little too excited to just drive the darn thing that I haven't taken a whole lot of great pictures, but here are a couple.

Yes I made a new mix CD for it

<3 it!  Should have been open though :)
Now, I have never named a car before, in fact, I've always thought it was kind of silly, but I'm feeling a strong urge to name this one.  It's a girl of course! So far I'm liking Stella Mae or Martha Mae, but would be open to other suggestions.  What's your vote?


Coming Soon

Tattoo #2/#3 is on it's way!  I can't decide if it's my second or third tattoo...because I have gone twice for two different tattoos, but the second one was simply adding on to the first one, therefore, it looks as though it is all one tattoo.  Anyway, I'm going to O'Tool Designs tonight to schedule my appointment for my next tattoo!  It's been a long time coming, I'll keep the details under wraps, but "Pura Vida" is incorporated, fitting, I know! :)


Some Current Faves

1. New Favorite Nail Color - Del Sol Color Change.  Ruby Slipper is what I'm currently wearing, I can't wait to buy more!  It goes on as silver glitter, but in the sun, my whole nail turns ruby slipper red!  AWESOME.


A Little Behind

I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately.  It's been a month and I've had a few of you asking about my blog.  My life has equally gotten better and crazier over the last month or so, I guess I really do have a lot to write about, just not a lot of time to do it.  

And actually...I'm not going to have a chance to write about it right now either, I need to get my booty out the door for a walk.  Trying to get back into the morning workout routine again.  I do, however, promise some more updates soon!  Like maybe even tonight or tomorrow.  

Stay Tuned!

P.S. I have been listening to lots and lots of music in the car, while walking/biking, while cleaning.  So here are a few of my faves.

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know
Flo Rida – Wild Ones - feat. Sia
Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks
Fun. – Stars