Looking Ahead

My next couple months are going to be NUTS!  I will try my darndest to keep it cool and take it one thing at a time.  When I think of the big picture, my upcoming events/plans overwhelm me, but if I only think about the next thing on my list of exciting things to do, then I can enjoy the planning of that activity and have fun while I'm at it!

First things first, tonight, I no longer have to go to play practice, so I'll be cleaning out my old car.  This might not sound like fun, but the prospect of selling it to make the required repairs on my new car sounds fantastic!  Let's get that sucker out of here.  Know anyone in the market for a 1998 Lumina with lots of miles on it?! ;)

Check out the rest of my upcoming agenda:
1. Girls night Friday with my sister and Brooke!
2. Saturday - Wedding dress shopping, wedding talk, photographer interview with my sis.
3. Sunday - Bike ride with Nicole
4. Play rehearsal every single weeknight next week
5. Next Friday-Monday - OMAHA!
6. More play rehearsal
7. Sunday June 3 - Golf Outing w/ coworkers
9. More play rehearsal
10. June 8-16 - COLORADO VACATION!
11. June 17-end of June - King and I tech week and two weekends of performances.
12. July 2 - tattoo appointment
13. July 4 - fireworks, duh
14. July 6-8 - Des Moines to celebrate Ashley's bday, twin style ;)
15. July 11 - Ryan's Birthday
16. July 14 - John Deere Classic and running the Moonlight Chase that night
17. End of July - one or two days of RAGBRAI

Holy moly....I don't even want to think about August yet, but I do know every single weekend is filled with wedding events!  Oh yes, and somewhere in July, my dear friend Lindsey will be returning to the states, to Davenport to be specific and I CANNOT WAIT!  That is all.  Hope I didn't overwhelm you as much as I did me!

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  1. I just read your post and got even more excited for your trip to Omaha. I didn't even know that was possible! Whoop!