St. Patrick's Day 2012

This past weekend I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with way more pomp than I ever had before.  I think the amazing weather helped motivate us to plan and enjoy an entire day full of fun!  Brooke and I started with the 5K in the morning, and some drinks :) We watched the parade and then had some lunch before grabbing one more beer on the way back home.  We spent the afternoon mostly outside, playing with Emily's puppy and grilling out!  We ended the night at Creekside and I cried a little bit when I got home because I had to say goodbye to Mat and Ashley.


Winter Television

This is that time of year when all of my favorite shows either just ended or haven't started yet!  So what the heck do I do with my time? Well, I've been scouring HuluPlus to choose some new TV to watch until Mad Men starts (March 25!).  Here are the top 5 shows I'm currently watching:
1. Modern Family
2. The Voice (so much better than American Idol)
3. Storage Wars (Don't make fun of me, it's the winter lull and this show is funny!)
4. SMASH (I didn't jump on board with this right away, I just wasn't convinced it'd be good, but after talking with several friends about it, I watched it on Hulu and LOVE it)
5. Revenge (Again, this is a show I wasn't too sure about until it was recommended to me multiple times...good stuff!  I don't know if this is currently airing, but I'm watching it on Hulu now!)
Now I'll be honest, most of these shows wouldn't get my attention when my other shows are on, but I'm kind of glad to have "discovered" a couple other good shows to watch in the meantime.  My top 5 favorite shows that aren't on the air right now: Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Top Chef, Breaking Bad, and Game Of Thrones
What are your favorite TV shows?

Weekend Recap Feb 24-26

Yes, I know, this was last weekend!  I'm finally getting around to it! And honestly, I'm having a hard time remembering what I did Friday night of that weekend...I'm thinking it must have been nothing. Lol.  I wanted to do a recap because Saturday evening, we had a co-birthday party and had lots of fun! :)
We started at Azteca 3, where we of course enjoyed some delicious food and margaritas.  And then they brought out the sombreros...I forgot about Mexican restaurant birthdays.  Lol.  But hey, we got a free shot of Patron tequila and it was delish!

After dinner, we headed to Phoenix for martinis! The service was far too slow for our liking, but luckily our martinis were delicious!

And we ended the evening at Kilkenny's with some live music and the back room to ourselves!  Happy birthday to us (Jess, Steph, and me!)