Weekend Recap Feb 24-26

Yes, I know, this was last weekend!  I'm finally getting around to it! And honestly, I'm having a hard time remembering what I did Friday night of that weekend...I'm thinking it must have been nothing. Lol.  I wanted to do a recap because Saturday evening, we had a co-birthday party and had lots of fun! :)
We started at Azteca 3, where we of course enjoyed some delicious food and margaritas.  And then they brought out the sombreros...I forgot about Mexican restaurant birthdays.  Lol.  But hey, we got a free shot of Patron tequila and it was delish!

After dinner, we headed to Phoenix for martinis! The service was far too slow for our liking, but luckily our martinis were delicious!

And we ended the evening at Kilkenny's with some live music and the back room to ourselves!  Happy birthday to us (Jess, Steph, and me!)

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