Pittsburgh Recap Feb 17-21

I have been so blog-lazy lately...that's the term I'm choosing.  I went to Pittsburgh over my birthday weekend (Feb 18 was the big day) and I'm finally getting around to recapping the trip!  I will do my best not to make this long and drawn out.  In fact, let me summarize with my favorite Pittsburgh moments/events/destinations:
5. Exploring the University of Pittsburgh campus
Ashley had a class on Monday, so we walked to campus together.  It was a beautiful walk from her apartment.  Once she got to class, I set off to explore.  It's an urban campus, but I really liked it.  It still had some pretty buildings and rockin' views from the top of one building called the Cathedral of Learning.  Once Ashley got out of class, we enjoyed some Primanti Brothers.

4. Getting in Trouble (multiple times) at the Warhol Museum
I know what you are thinking, how could two sophisticated young women such as ourselves possibly get in trouble?  Well, one was kind B.S. because I think the guy thought I was touching a painting when I was just pointing to it.  But on another floor, after far too many pictures and paintings of dead people, we found this magical room full of floating pillows.  We may have gotten a little aggressive...sorry Mr. Warhol!

3. Quite literally the best brunch ever
There is this diner in Pitt called Pamela's and it's super fantastic.  They are known for their crepe-style pancakes.  So I almost just got the pancakes plain with maple syrup...but then I saw the banana-walnut pancakes.  O.M.G.  The pancakes themselves tasted like banana bread, and then the were rolled around a cut-up banana with candied walnuts, topped with whipped cream.  What?! It was like heaven on a plate.
2. My birthday night out
I had the most stellar birthday in Pittsburgh.  It was full of fun and unique experiences... including almost walking into auditions for a theater :)  We started with some cupcakes!  Then we headed downtown to the musical Ashley took me to called Ruthless!  It was pretty darn funny and my Ham & Legs bloody mary was awesome!  After the show we went to Olive or Twist, a martini lounge...and so much more!  I enjoyed a variety of wonderful drinks and we really liked the live music.  It was a great night!

1. Spending time with a good friend
I know, it's totally cheesy, but no matter what I actually did in Pittsburgh, it would have been a wonderful trip because of who I was spending my time with!  Ashley has been going to grad school out there and I don't know when I'll see her again! We had a lot of fun together, and I already miss her.  So yes, Ashley was my number one favorite thing in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Beautiful place! looks like you had a wonderful birthday!