Miracle Fruit Experiment #1

Andy and Ashley got us some pretty sweet Christmas gifts this year.  We got a "grow your own ghost chili" (that's all for Ryan!), a wreath made by Ashley (it'll be on my door, first day of spring!), and some Miracle Fruit tablets.  If you have never heard of Miracle Fruit/Berries, learn about them here. In short, You take the little, dissolve-able tablet and suck on it.  Hit as many taste buds as possible and boom!, enjoy a wedge of lemon that tastes like very sweet, not sour, lemonade!
There's a tablet on my tongue, you can barely see it!
Mmmm lemon!
The package comes with ten tablets, so of course, we only used two last night.  We decided we would have food tasting experiments with them, so here are the foods we sampled with our first experiment:

 We had lemon, kiwi, muenster cheese, baby carrots, a kosher dill pickle, Zours, salt &  vinegar chips, and Moose Drool Brown Ale.  Our verdict:

  • The lemons were by far our favorite transformation, no face-puckering at all, purely sweet and delicious
  • The dill pickle tasted like those little sweet pickles you can buy
  • The kiwi was not tart at all, almost syrupy sweet
  • The baby carrots tasted the same
  • The muenster cheese tasted rancid! 
  • Zours lost their sour note, tasted like regular Mike and Ikes
  • The salt & vinegar chips, that I normally HATE, were quite good.  Almost apple-y? If that makes sense...
  • And the Moose Drool, which is not a stout, just a brown ale, tasted chocolately.  I can't imagine what a Guinness or Young's Double Chocolate Stout would have tasted like!

As you can see, we had no problem eating a whole lemon!  If you can get your hands on these tablets, often times sold out online, do it!  It's a lot of fun. Next time, I want to try grapefruit, dark chocolate, tobasco sauce, orange juice, an IPA, and goat cheese.  
I will note, the effects only lasted about 30 minutes for each of us.  Though certain things, like the beer, tasted sweeter for about an hour.  But as we were enjoying our last slices of lemon, about 30 minutes from when we took the tablet, they started tasting sour again.  So definitely have all of your foods ready before you pop the tablet, don't waste any precious time!  Have fun!


  1. I'm so glad you liked them! I think Andrew and I are going to try some next weekend. :)

  2. this sounds AWESOME!!!! I've never heard of them! excellent gift Andy and Ashley :)

  3. ummm waaaa? i want to try these!