Three Party Recipes

Three recipes in one post?  I know you are thinking, "Score!" I'm kind of cheating though...because I didn't come up with these recipes on my own.  I just want to share where to find these three rocking recipes because Ryan, Mat, Ashley and myself give them 8 thumbs up!

Last weekend, Mat and Ashley came over for the evening on Saturday.  We started out with some Cyclone Basketball and Pizza Bread!

Trust me, the pictures taken on my phone don't do it justice!  It was wonderful.  The two things I changed on the recipe to make it a bit healthier was using only 8 oz. of cheese instead of 12-15 and I used spray butter on the top and sprinkled the seasonings on rather than melting real butter and drizzling on top.

Next up out of the oven was this fabulous Bacon Cheeseburger Dip.  I think this was everyone's favorite, but it was also the one that took the most prep time.  

The only substitution I made in this recipe was using light miracle whip instead of mayonnaise, otherwise it all pretty much stayed the same.  However, next time I make it, I would definitely use ground turkey, turkey bacon, low-fat cheese, and fat free cream cheese.  I think it still would have tasted just as indulgent. I bought a fresh baguette and sliced it up to serve it on, but it tasted just as good with bagel chips or tortilla chips as well.

The final recipe I made was super simple and super delicious.  It was a Jalapeno Popper Dip, fantastic!
 Again, the only substitution I made in the recipe was to use light Miracle Whip in place of mayonnaise.  But it probably would have tasted just fine with fat free cream cheese as well.  Also, I didn't measure out the jalapenos, but next time, I'll use a little more...we like our stuff spicy.  This tasted best on tortilla chips in my opinion, but the others were eating it on the sliced baguette as well.

I know you are all wondering how I found these awesome recipes, but of course, I found them on Pinterest!  Check out the other recipes and stuff I've pinned.

I get to start celebrating my birthday this weekend with a trip to Omaha.  Happy early birthday to me!  Here's a sneak peek at what's on our agenda:
Slide 7
Krug Park Bloody Mary
Can't wait for a bowl!
Lots and lots of beer
 Happy Friday peeps! Hope your weekend is as awesome as mine is going to be!

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