Wedding Anniversary

Today is our second wedding anniversary.  As quickly as these two years flown by, it also feels like the actual wedding day was so long ago!  I still, to this day, have nothing but great memories from our wedding day.  We were blessed with amazing weather, loving friends and family, and great choices on vendors and services!  Here is a little flashback:
Our first look
Husband and Wife
Amazing weather
The best bridesmaids
The best groomsmen
Yummy cake!
Beautiful flowers
And then we partied the night away!

Can we just have a big party every year to celebrate our anniversary?  Is that too much to ask?  I wish!  What are we actually doing?  Well tonight, we are actually going to a Big Brothers Big Sisters event in recognition of us volunteers.  We get a free meal and will see some NFL players speak about the program.  Ryan is taking me to a surprise dinner on Friday night!  But we're keeping it low key, because we are actually going to Colorado for our anniversary in June!  


Time To Finally Catch Up

Spring has arrived!  We have been spoiled with the most amazing weather lately, and even got a good thunderstorm in there too.  I even got my first sunburn of the year already.  It's a little bizarre, but I'm not complaining.  

I haven't posted for a few weeks, and honestly, I have no good excuse.  I guess I've been enjoying the transition to warmer weather (and good TV) like everyone else has.  So I'm sure you're all dying to know what I've been up to lately...right?  Here are a couple updates:

1. Two weekends ago I enjoyed a girls night out with Jess and Megan.  We had a lot of fun, maybe a little too much, but it was a great time.  And Jess and I even started the night with a bike ride, it was nice to get out there again.
2. I recently found a new guilty pleasure.  Since Revenge took a hiatus from airing (starts again April 12, I think!), I had to find something else to watch on Netflix while Ryan was doing something else.  I'm not going to lie, I never thought I'd watch another CW show, but  dammit it's addicting.
3. I've started going to Church again.  It has felt wonderful to go, I feel like that's definitely a big part of what I've been missing in my life.  I'm currently "sampling" Churches if that's what you want to call it.  Brooke is joining me on this quest to find a local Church to belong to, it's nice to have someone with the same goal in mind...even if we do end up choosing different Churches, we don't have to go for the first time alone.