Wedding Anniversary

Today is our second wedding anniversary.  As quickly as these two years flown by, it also feels like the actual wedding day was so long ago!  I still, to this day, have nothing but great memories from our wedding day.  We were blessed with amazing weather, loving friends and family, and great choices on vendors and services!  Here is a little flashback:
Our first look
Husband and Wife
Amazing weather
The best bridesmaids
The best groomsmen
Yummy cake!
Beautiful flowers
And then we partied the night away!

Can we just have a big party every year to celebrate our anniversary?  Is that too much to ask?  I wish!  What are we actually doing?  Well tonight, we are actually going to a Big Brothers Big Sisters event in recognition of us volunteers.  We get a free meal and will see some NFL players speak about the program.  Ryan is taking me to a surprise dinner on Friday night!  But we're keeping it low key, because we are actually going to Colorado for our anniversary in June!  

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