Weekend Recap: July 26-28

My sister moved to Eldridge...my sister moved to Eldridge!! I should write a song that's how happy I am about it :)  Friday night after work, I stopped by her and Brad's new house and helped for like an hour before I left to get ready for the night.

Later that night, Jaime and I met up for dinner and drinks.  It was a wonderful evening and I had a great time catching up with her.  It had been too long and I hope we get together again soon!!
Saturday morning, when I woke up, I headed to the new house and helped all day!  We worked on the kitchen mostly and then did some grocery shopping and picked up some Whitey's ice cream...yum.  I did start to get a headache/sore throat, so I took a nap and took it easy for the rest of the day, but we ended the night with a bon fire.  It was nice. :)
Sunday, I picked up Hannah around 9:30 in the morning and we headed straight to Riverside, IA.  What's in Riverside you ask?  Well, pretty much nothing, lol.  But we went to see the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk, and really, that's it...lol.
But no, that wasn't ALL we had planned for the day.  We then drove up to the Amana Colonies to spend the afternoon there.  But first, we made a lunch stop at Hu Hot...yum!  Once in Amana, we looked around the shops and the winery.  We admired the wood shop and enjoyed some cream soda and live music at Millstream Brewing Co.  It was absolutely beautiful outside, so it was nice to simply walk around!
Ryan and I spent Sunday night watching Breaking Bad.  We're re-watching them all again since the last part of the last season premieres in two weeks.  That's about it.  What did you do this weekend?


Weekend Recap: July 19-21

This past weekend was a super weekend.  We headed up to Des Moines after work on Friday and spent the evening playing games and catching up with the Reeds and Ashley and Mat.  And of course, playing with Mickey.  Sadly, no pics from this fun evening.  However, on Saturday morning, I busted out the camera.

Emily, Ryan and I headed to the Des Moines Farmer's Market and it was awesome, as always.  Good food, good music, good weather...couldn't have asked for a better start to the day.
After the market, we headed to Ankeney for some bonding time with Tessa and Daniel and their new baby, Beatrice (Bea).  I love holding babies, and seeing friends, and eating breakfast food.  It was a great Saturday morning. 
After our drive home and a nice long nap, I went to a 30th birthday party with my parents and then went home with my mom to decorate for Emily's (my sis) bridal shower!
Sunday morning, I showered, got ready, and headed back to me Mom's to finish decorating and cooking for the shower.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  Lots of love for my sister and lots of laughs with each other.
How was your weekend?


Fourth of July Adventures

Ryan and I scored a night at the Hotel Blackhawk in downtown Davenport and we decided to use it on the 3rd of July since Davenport's fireworks were on the 3rd and of course, we had the 4th off of work!

We had a great time at Front Street Brewery, followed by a lovely night at the River Bandits game and then of course fireworks.  My liver may not have had as much fun as I did...but it was wonderful for Ryan and I to have an awesome night and not have to drive home!

On the actual Fourth of July, I spent the afternoon in the pool with my family, went for a bike ride and then we went to fireworks again!  We had a great day off of work, it was hard to return on Friday.  Thank goodness it was a Friday!!

All in all, it was super fun!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well! :)


Music Motivation

Now that I'm a gym regular and on the way to a 300 mile goal for the month of July on my bike, I've had to create some motivating workout lists for when I can't bring up Pandora.  Here are some of my favorite strength training songs right now (no, they're not all new):
1. Sail - Awolnation
2. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
3. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore
4. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke
5. DMX - Who We Be


June Fun

Is it really already the last day of June?  I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone!  June was filled with a lot of fun, and while I've been on a blog break since April, I don't really feel like doing separate posts for EVERYTHING I have been up to, so here's a quick June Recap!
June 1-6: Jess and I volunteered at Color The Quads; I saw Now You See Me with work friends, and I enjoyed bible study!
June 7-13: Ryan and I enjoyed a date night/date day battle to see who could plan and execute the better date (Ryan totally won); Ryan did a best ball tournament so I enjoyed "me time," and I had golf lessons...watch out Tiger!
June 14-20: I took Hannah to a River Bandits game and we had so much fun; I went to lunch with some friends, including Nicole who was visiting from Nashville; we celebrated Father's Day with my family during the day and ended the evening with a game of horseshoes at Ryan's parent's house; and I had more golf lessons. 
June 21-27: The Flaters came to visit!  We had an awesome cookout, a nice day at the pool, and a fun time at Great River Brewery (they have great beer); we spent Sunday at Wildwood Acres with my fam, swimming and ATVing; I enjoyed some girls nights with Lindsey at Panera and some co-workers at the River House (God Bless the margarita!)
June 28-30 Weekend Recap:  Pretty chill weekend!  Friday night, Jess and I met up for some Mexican food and saw This Is The End (hilarious!!); Saturday, Ryan and I went to the Farmer's Market (despite the flooding!) and worked on the yard; Sunday, I went to Church with some friends and had bible study in the afternoon, followed by dinner with Ryan's fam.  A nice, relaxing end to June.  Now I'm looking forward to July!