June Fun

Is it really already the last day of June?  I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone!  June was filled with a lot of fun, and while I've been on a blog break since April, I don't really feel like doing separate posts for EVERYTHING I have been up to, so here's a quick June Recap!
June 1-6: Jess and I volunteered at Color The Quads; I saw Now You See Me with work friends, and I enjoyed bible study!
June 7-13: Ryan and I enjoyed a date night/date day battle to see who could plan and execute the better date (Ryan totally won); Ryan did a best ball tournament so I enjoyed "me time," and I had golf lessons...watch out Tiger!
June 14-20: I took Hannah to a River Bandits game and we had so much fun; I went to lunch with some friends, including Nicole who was visiting from Nashville; we celebrated Father's Day with my family during the day and ended the evening with a game of horseshoes at Ryan's parent's house; and I had more golf lessons. 
June 21-27: The Flaters came to visit!  We had an awesome cookout, a nice day at the pool, and a fun time at Great River Brewery (they have great beer); we spent Sunday at Wildwood Acres with my fam, swimming and ATVing; I enjoyed some girls nights with Lindsey at Panera and some co-workers at the River House (God Bless the margarita!)
June 28-30 Weekend Recap:  Pretty chill weekend!  Friday night, Jess and I met up for some Mexican food and saw This Is The End (hilarious!!); Saturday, Ryan and I went to the Farmer's Market (despite the flooding!) and worked on the yard; Sunday, I went to Church with some friends and had bible study in the afternoon, followed by dinner with Ryan's fam.  A nice, relaxing end to June.  Now I'm looking forward to July!

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