Weekend Recap: November 15-17

Friday night we said "Good Luck" to our friend Jaqui who is on her way to California, her new home.  It was a nice night and I got to catch up with lots of good friends (and my sister!).
Saturday morning, I caught a women's brunch with Lindsey at her Church.  It was a lovely morning with great food.  There was a good speaker and it was really nice to meet some of Lindsey's friends from church.
Saturday during the day,  Ryan and I did some yard work and cleaning, fun I know!  Saturday night, it was game night at Rachal's.  I got to spend the evening with Brooke, Rachal, and Ashley and we had a fun time playing Cards Against Humanity and Scattegories.
Sunday, we weathered the storm at Church (it was kind of scary!) and then Ryan and I spent the whole afternoon attempting to watch the Bears game that spanned a 5 and 1/2 hour period...but they finally won!  We also made some awesome chili and I got a good start on my Christmas cookies.  I also got a bunch of chores done, so I felt good about my productive day.

Was your weekend way more exciting than mine? ;-)  Happy Tuesday!


I Am Thankful For

Everyone has been posting daily status updates on Facebook about what they are thankful for.  I am terrible about keeping up on daily tasks, but I'm happy to do a mid-month update...because I do have a lot that I am thankful for!

  1. My house: As the days get cooler, I am so grateful to have a roof over my head and especially grateful to have a house that Ryan and I can grow into over the years.
  2. My cats: I have two pretty awesome felines and I may sound like a crazy cat lady, but I can't imagine coming home to a house without them.
  3. My small town: I live in a pretty cool place, full of pretty cool people.  And it's especially awesome that my parents, Ryan's parents, and my sister and her husband all live in town with me.
  4. My parents: I have some pretty incredible parents who have showered me with love throughout my entire life.  They are supportive and caring and I couldn't ask for anyone else.
  5. My in-laws:  I could not be luckier that Ryan's parents are as awesome as they are.  They are compassionate and super fun!  We love spending time with them, which is more than some of my friends could say about their in-laws.
  6. My job: I work with some pretty awesome people at a great company and I continue to enjoy what I'm doing.
  7. My little brother: He can often annoy me, but I love him to pieces.  He makes me laugh, he loves a good movie night, and he may be 13, but he still says "I love you." :)
  8. My sister:  She is my role model and my best friend.  I am extremely lucky to be so close to my sister, as friends and living in the same town.
  9. My brother-in-law: He is pretty smart, extremely caring, and has a great heart.  I am so happy that Emily and Brad have found each other, Brad has become an awesome addition to our family.
  10. My friends: I couldn't possibly do a breakdown on each of my awesome friends, but I love you all so much!  You all continue to impress me and be there for me when I need it, near and far.
  11. My hair stylist: I have an awesome stylist who does an awesome job, pampers the shit out of my, and chargers half the price of everyone else.
  12. My passport: I have been to the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and Mexico.  I can't wait to see where it takes me next!
  13. My home state: I am admittedly a little obsessive about my love of Iowa...but I love Iowa!  I am lucky to live in a state where gay marriage is legal, property taxes are low, and education is a priority.
  14. My husband: How could I have gotten so lucky?  Ryan is my best friend and loves me unconditionally.  We try to make each other happy, make each other laugh, and encourage each other.
What are you thankful for this month?  I plan to do another update on Thanksgiving...because I am lots more to be thankful for! :)


Windy City Fun

Saturday morning, we headed up to Schaumburg to Stolt and Lisa's apartment.  We headed to a delicious lunch, with drinks of course, and then headed downtown on the train!  We met up with Tim, Laura, and Jason and bar hopped around some fun neighborhoods in Chicago.
Sunday morning, we were up early to get ready to take the train (and a cab) to Soldier Field!  We donned our best Bears garb and then covered all up with winter coats...it was so cold!  We weaved our way to the stadium among thousands of other fans.  Though the Bears lost, we had an incredible time at Soldier Field.  Great seats, great weather, fun game, and a flyover!
After the game, we headed back to Schaumburg, grabbed some dinner with Stolt and Lisa and then enjoyed the night back at their apartment in cozy clothes and watched Killing Kennedy on National Geographic.  Outside of the bears losing, it was the perfect day!
We visited Brooke at her new house and then grabbed some lunch on Monday before heading back home.  Unfortunately, the snow made for an icky drive, but we made it and relaxed the rest of the night.  I hope we get to do it all again someday.  Happy humpday!


Change is Good

I have been told by my friend Shae, who rocks an awesome pixie cut, that every woman should try it at least once.  That it feels liberating...I AGREE!  And I know because I finally did it myself!  I went in with inspiration from Carey Mulligan and Katie Holmes and came out with a fun cut that I never though I'd be brave enough to try. 
Thank you Shae for the inspiration!  I do think all women should try it at least once :)  Happy Hump Day!