Windy City Fun

Saturday morning, we headed up to Schaumburg to Stolt and Lisa's apartment.  We headed to a delicious lunch, with drinks of course, and then headed downtown on the train!  We met up with Tim, Laura, and Jason and bar hopped around some fun neighborhoods in Chicago.
Sunday morning, we were up early to get ready to take the train (and a cab) to Soldier Field!  We donned our best Bears garb and then covered all up with winter coats...it was so cold!  We weaved our way to the stadium among thousands of other fans.  Though the Bears lost, we had an incredible time at Soldier Field.  Great seats, great weather, fun game, and a flyover!
After the game, we headed back to Schaumburg, grabbed some dinner with Stolt and Lisa and then enjoyed the night back at their apartment in cozy clothes and watched Killing Kennedy on National Geographic.  Outside of the bears losing, it was the perfect day!
We visited Brooke at her new house and then grabbed some lunch on Monday before heading back home.  Unfortunately, the snow made for an icky drive, but we made it and relaxed the rest of the night.  I hope we get to do it all again someday.  Happy humpday!

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