Father's Day Recap

On Father's Day a couple of weekends ago, my mom's side of the family came down to my parents house for food and fun!  We ate burgers and cheesy potatoes and fruit and candy (thank you Grandma!).  The day was gorgeous, if not a little toasty.  We spent most of the day outside playing yard games and then coming in to cool off and catching up on the US Open standings.

I love my family, I was so happy to see them all in one place again, it's been awhile.  Now I"m really looking forward to my sister's shower in July so I can see all of them again!  At least the women anyway :)


I'm Back...

...and I have so much to update you on!  But I'm not sure I'll get to all today.  I need to use our other computer to add pictures, but here are some things you can look forward to in the coming posts:
     1. Father's Day Fun
     2. My new job
     3. Family visits
     4. Weekend adventures
     5. Flater visit weekend recap!

First thing is first...my best friend, Brooke, is pregnant!! And I've been waiting to post this picture because her bump is showing.  Yeah, she's in the green and she's glowing!! :)  Our friend Nicole, in the middle, was here last weekend visiting from Nashville.  It was a wonderful reunion full of happy news. :)

I'll be back on here soon with plenty more updates.  Stay tuned and happy Monday! :)