Weekend Recap: August 23-25

It was another packed weekend, as they all seem to be these days.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Friday was a spontaneous double date night with Emily and Brad.  We grabbed a quick dinner and then we went shooting.  Yeah, right? Me shooting a gun?  Ha!  I wasn't certain I would even touch one, but by the end of night, I had shot three different guns, multiple times.  Holy cow!  It was fun, but still pretty scary.  But I'm still glad I did and I would do it again.  After shooting, we went to the Circle Tap for a couple drinks.
Saturday was Emily's first bachelorette party!  It was the most beautiful day, we couldn't have asked for a better experience boating and swimming on Lake McBride.  I have loads of pictures, I'll try not to share them all, haha.  Somehow, about nine hours flew by without us even noticing and we had to head in before it got too dark.  Kelsi, Sabrina, Emily, and I had another adventure later that even, but I won't delve into details ;-)

On a side note: Emily has some of the most amazing friends.  I fell in love with all of them on Saturday!  She's one lucky girl to have those ladies in her life. 
Sunday was the day of rest.  We drove home early and I slept a couple more hours, then I laid around all day and participated in two fantasy football drafts.  Watch out friends, I feel two wins coming this year!

What I'm looking forward to this weekend: spending time with Hannah (my Little) on Friday, enjoying Saturday outside hopefully, and flying out for Vegas Sunday night! :)  What do you have planned?


Weekend Recap: August 9-11

It was an eventful weekend and super wonderful!

Friday night: dinner & drinks at Em's house celebrating my mom's birthday.  We had a great evening together and I officially think all birthdays should now be celebrated at home with home cooked meals, a signature drink (in this case, a blueberry mojito), and a chick flick!
 Saturday: Ryan and I took apart and redid the brick work around the tree in our front yard.  After completing that, we decided we wanted to do more...lol.  So we got back to it and added a planter box to the side.  Go us!  Later that night, we took Alex to the baseball game.
 Sunday:  My family headed up to Cedar Rapids for my sister's pinning ceremony.  I am beyond proud of my baby sister.  She has followed her dream, and jumped many hurdles to get to this moment.  She is a true inspiration and is going to make the BEST nurse.  Love you Em!!
 Coming up this weekend: Ryan heads out of town for a guys weekend so I have some more family time AND some much needed girl time in the works.  Happy Monday!


Flashback Friday: Graduation

My sister is graduating from nursing school this Sunday, so I have a couple graduation flashbacks :) P.S. - I am soooooo proud of Emily!!
College Graduation, December 2008
My sis, on the day of her high school graduation, May 2007
My high school graduation, May 2004