Life Update - 2015 Edition

 The new year started with a visit from the Morfords and the chance to finally meet little Jack.  What a doll!
 Ryan and I also picked back up on finishing off the basement.  We settled on a color scheme, picked out flooring and ceiling tiles, got some cabinets, and got a fridge!
 Not only have I started using a paper planner today, and love it, but the highlight of this picture is that Grad School started on the 19th.  It's only been 2 weeks, but holy cow is it overwhelming!  But also wonderful, I love working towards my goals!
 Ryan and I had a one-night getaway in Wisconsin right before school started.  It was lovely to get out in the middle of winter!  I got to catch up with one of my high school best friends, hang out with Charlie, and have a date night with my husband.  Not to mention come back with a boatload of New Glarus beer!
 Seahawks won the playoff game and are headed to the Super Bowl.  They are only my fourth favorite team, but more importantly about this picture is that my sister is FINALLY an NFL fan!  She picked a team at Christmas time, after years of trying to watch football with her.  Her team is now the Seahawks, because of their awesome colors!  So it was exciting to watch that game and cheer with her. :)
 I love hanging out with my fur-niece and fur-nephew, just had to throw this pic in there.
 While my parents enjoy a lovely weekend in Arizona, my brother has been staying with us since Wednesday.  We've had a lot of fun!
Snowpacolypse 2015 has begun and we are hunkered down watching golf, and then of course the Super Bowl.  It's freaking nuts out there, but it is pretty.  I'm just glad I don't work on weekends!