Winter Television

This is that time of year when all of my favorite shows either just ended or haven't started yet!  So what the heck do I do with my time? Well, I've been scouring HuluPlus to choose some new TV to watch until Mad Men starts (March 25!).  Here are the top 5 shows I'm currently watching:
1. Modern Family
2. The Voice (so much better than American Idol)
3. Storage Wars (Don't make fun of me, it's the winter lull and this show is funny!)
4. SMASH (I didn't jump on board with this right away, I just wasn't convinced it'd be good, but after talking with several friends about it, I watched it on Hulu and LOVE it)
5. Revenge (Again, this is a show I wasn't too sure about until it was recommended to me multiple times...good stuff!  I don't know if this is currently airing, but I'm watching it on Hulu now!)
Now I'll be honest, most of these shows wouldn't get my attention when my other shows are on, but I'm kind of glad to have "discovered" a couple other good shows to watch in the meantime.  My top 5 favorite shows that aren't on the air right now: Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Top Chef, Breaking Bad, and Game Of Thrones
What are your favorite TV shows?


  1. archer is ridiculous. you have to watch it. very raunchy though, so if that's not your bag, you may want to skip.
    also daniel and i LOVE workaholics. also very funny and a bit raunchy but really loveable at the same time.

    1. Oh yes, I've heard Archer is good. We also love Workaholics...and The League :)