Some Current Faves

1. New Favorite Nail Color - Del Sol Color Change.  Ruby Slipper is what I'm currently wearing, I can't wait to buy more!  It goes on as silver glitter, but in the sun, my whole nail turns ruby slipper red!  AWESOME.

2. Two New Favorite Songs - As my father pointed out yesterday at our Mother's Day Celebration, I am CONSTANTLY changing my "favorite" song!  It's true...I just love music.  Here are my current faves to listen to:

3. Three Workouts - I FINALLY got off the lazy wagon, and back to working out!  So far, I have done at least one activity a day for one whole week straight!  My favorite ways to get up a move: 

  • Playing a game of golf
  • Early morning bike rides
  • Playing frisbee (We did this at our Mother's Day party yesterday and it was lots of fun!)

4. Helping plan and prepare for FOUR weddings!  I have been helping Brooke with a lot of decisions for her upcoming wedding, as well as planning my MOH speech and attire, and planning the bachelorette party!  I LOVE IT ALL!  I have also been practicing music for Miss Lindsey's Labor Day weekend wedding.  Laura's bachelorette party and wedding are in September as well, so I started singing those wedding songs in voice lessons too :)  
The fourth wedding I'm speaking of is my sister's!  Now she's getting married on 10-12-2013, but we are already planning some stuff!  We get to go look at wedding dresses this Saturday and meet a photographer! Woot!

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  1. I am listening to "Stars" while reading your post! I love fun.! and Del Sol nailpolish! I will look into ordering some more :) Grandma wants some :)
    I am so excited to get my hair done Thursday and see you and mom and I am so so excited for Saturday! :)