Remember When...

Our Internet has been down for a couple of days...let me tell you, it's no fun.  What did we ever do before the Internet?  And of course, since we had no Internet, I just used my smart phone to access my email, facebook, pinterest, etc. What the heck did we do before smart phones?! Or even just cell phones?!

I laughed, because the other day, my Little walked by a closet in her house and noticed an old turn-dial phone and asked, "what is that?"  Oh my goodness, my children will not what it's like to have a land line (except MAYBE at work).  They won't know that, if they were kids when I was, to talk to a friend outside of school they would have to call their house and ask for them.  Or ride their bike down to their friend's house.  Oh my goodness, will they ride a bike?!  Or will they be so wrapped up in video games that they won't even play outside?

My friend Brooke forwarded me an email at work (and we usually don't do forwards) that explained how those of use born in the 80's were the last generation of kids who will remember playing before computers and texting.  It kind of worries me what kind of generation we are creating.  They'll be super smart, but they wont be brave enough to climb a tree...that or they'll be too lazy to.  Goodness it scares me!  Ryan and I will just have to be committed to showing our children the world outside of technology.  Play board games with them, go hiking, take road trips, catch lightning bugs, send them to camp, and read books (the real paper kind).

It's amazing that I'm old enough now to realize a new generation is behind me.  I'm no longer the "younger generation" and I was probably the last generation to remember what it was like when Dad brought a computer home....with a game on it!  Amazing how much has changed in 25 years.

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