Weekend Recap December 9-11

I am becoming super lame because I never take pictures anymore.  What has happened to the Sarah that probably annoyed people with how many pictures she wanted to take?!  Well, she probably realized she was annoying people and backed off.  But now, I never take any!  Bummer. So here is the brief, verbal recap of my weekend:

Friday- Quad City Singers concert!  It was our first of two concerts this weekend and my first concert performing with the choir.  We had a lot of fun and a big crowd!  After the concert, I came home to get a good night's rest and hang out with the hubs.
Saturday- Morning workout followed by coffee with Stephanie!  It was so wonderful catching up and chatting about her new job.  In the middle of our coffee break, my friend Laura called.  I thought it was about something I had texted her earlier, but it turns out, SHE'S ENGAGED!  Excellent.  Later that afternoon, Ryan and I got some shopping done and then I had to get ready for my second Quad City Singers concert.  Again, I had so much fun and I knew a lot of people that were there Saturday night.  My parents, mother in law, grandmother in law, Ryan, Emily, Brad, my adopted grandparents-Phyllis and Jim, and my coworker who brought 5 of her friends!  Good times.  After the concert, we went to Old Chicago for a little bit with Brad and Emily.  Why can't you two live closer?
Sunday- Zip, zilch, nada...or so I thought.  Haha, I totally forgot that I was watching my brother that evening.  So I watched football during the day (poor Bears and Vikings) and then my dad called to ask when I was coming out there. "Haha, ummm, be there soon."  Alex and I made some mac and cheese and watched Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.  Woot!  It was a great weekend, and thankfully another one when we didn't have to travel!
Happy Tuesday...and Emily, email me some pictures to add to this post! :)

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