Sunday-Tuesday Recap

      So my Sunday, Monday and Tuesday get their own recap because I had a friend come to visit me!  Ashley L was home for the holidays from grad school in Pittsburgh.  After spending her first week with family in Ames, she decided to come visit me for a couple of days, score!  I got some much needed girl time and a little pre-planning done for my trip to Pittsburgh in February.
      She came on Christmas night, so after long days with family, we decided to just stay in and catch up.  We didn't stay up too crazy late, but we did make a trip to the only place open on Christmas night, Walgreens, to grab some snacks.  Oh it was just wonderful talking the night away with her. 
      Monday morning I snapped my one and only picture from my phone from the entire weekend/week, because Cali LOVES when Ashley comes to visit...someone to cuddle with on the couch!
I bet Ashley loves this pic
      We ditched Ashley for a little bit on Monday to go to our family Christmas.  And then on the way home, we randomly decided to swing by Target to see if the Playstation 3 bundle was still available.  
      Here was the deal: 320 GB Playstation 3 that came with one wireless controller, one move controller, the PS eye, and Everybody Dance (like Just Dance).  On top of that, when you purchased it, you received a $75 Target gift card.  So we get there, it doesn't take me long to see a Playstation locked up in an end cabinet with a bunch of Nintendo DS...odd place for a PS3 right?  So we ask the closest worker if the "doorbuster" deal is still going where we can get the $75 gift card with the purchase of the PS3 bundle. (There was no way we were spending $300 without getting some of it back!)  He said, "the deal lasts all week, but unfortunately, we're sold out of the systems" "Oh...isn't that one right there?" I asked.  His face was priceless, "Ohhhhh. My. Gosh. I forgot about that one...we've been telling people we sold out"  Well anyway, we saw it, we got it.  It was a sign, we were meant to own one!
      We came home, grabbed Ashley, and armed with gift cards, purchased a couple games.  May I just say, I. LOVE. LITTLE. BIG. PLANET. 2.  Then we grabbed some Mexicano at Los Agaves, and some margaritas as well.  I love my husband, he offered to bring us to the martini bar, drop us off and pick us up later.  Yuuuupppp (as Dave would say on Storage Wars...anyone? anyone?)
Super blurry picture from Ashley's phone
      Tuesday morning, I woke up with killer heart burn because I had run out of my prescription.  That put a damper on some of our plans, however, we did end up getting out to refill it and I felt just good enough to grab some sushi with Ash at Red Ginger before saying goodbye.  Of course, that Spicy Salmon came back to bite me later and I spent the rest of the day curled on the couch.  
      It was such a great time to just relax with Ashley and catch-up and now I am SOOOOO looking forward to my trip to Pittsburgh to visit over my birthday!  Whoop! 

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