Less Than 48 Hours

In less than 48 hours from the time we left our door to the time we walked back in it, we:

  • Drove from Eldridge to Minneapolis w/ Mom, Dad, and Alex
  • Checked in at our hotel
  • Shopped/people watched at the Mall of America
  • Spent about 15 minutes randomly catching up with Andy and Ashley
  • Ordered pizza and went swimming at the hotel
  • Got some delicious breakfast
  • Drove home in the wind and went straight to bed!
It was a whirlwind of a trip, but a lot of fun...wouldn't change a thing!  I am truly a fan of both the Vikings and Bears, but I was decked out in my Bears attire so the Vikings fans surrounded us were a bit confused when I was cheering for the Vikes, haha.  But the Bears did win, which made Ryan and me happy.  And it was a good, competitive game, which I was happy about.  It was so great being at an NFL game for the first time, I cannot wait to go to the next one!
**Please keep in mind my camera is still broken, so these pictures are from my phone (not the best quality)
Transformer made of Legos!
Amusement park at the mall
Outside the Metrodome
View from our seats
Down on the field

It was packed!  Lots of Bears fans too!

A reluctant Viking fan took our picture

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