To The Movies...at Home!

My hubby and I had Monday and Tuesday off, so we rented a movie to watch on each day.  I love RedBox, and I love finding coupon codes to use at them.  We almost always get one movie free :)  So we wandered the RedBox on Monday afternoon and picked up two movies we heard were good, from either friends or critics, and popped on in when we got home.
1. Win Win
       Oh my goodness, I would recommend this movie to most of my friends/family.  Paul Giamatti is fantastic and the actor who plays Kyle, the main kid in it, is perfect for the part.  Oh, and if you love Amy Ryan (The Office, The Wire) like I do, you'll love her in this movie.  I don't want to give much away, but basically Giamatti's character becomes the legal guardian for this older man purely because he needs the extra money.  But of course, that comes with a lot more responsibility when the man's grandson turns up having run away from home to live with his grandpa.  GIamatti's family takes the kid in for a couple of days, and...oh you just have to see it.  I'm not doing a great job explaining the synopsis, but it's worth watching if you like a little humor and a couple tears in your movies.

2. Midnight in Paris
       So, the critics LOVED this movie.  And it's Woody Allen, so it's supposed to be good, right?  Granted, I've seen some of his movies that I flat out hated (Annie Hall), but then others that I've loved and now own (Vicky Christina Barcelona and Match Point).  I disliked this movie, very much.  
       It's about this actor trying to turn writer who goes to Paris with his fiancee and tries to convince her that they need to stay so he can write.  He dreams of this 1920's Paris, in the rain, and oddly, at midnight every night, he time travels or something to the 20's.  So stuck with his obsession to relive the past (that he never actually experienced), he continues trying to convince his fiancee that he needs to stay.  It's weird and logically doesn't make a lot of sense.  I will give credit to the fact that it was kind of cool to see all of these different historical characters: Gertrude Stein, Picasso, Scott Fitzgerald, etc. But where the movie was headed and where the movie ended just felt disconnected.  As Ryan put it, "Woody Allen has a major hard-on for Paris" and he just threw it all together in one movie. I do know a few people who would probably like this movie, but I wouldn't recommend it to many of my friends or family.

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  1. Don't hate me but I actually liked Midnight in Paris! Its Cheesy, yes, but I kind of enjoyed the whimsy of it :) Paul and I will have to check out Win Win though!