Brief Weekend Recap Jan 13-16

Every time I sit down to blog lately, I am reminded that I do not have a working camera and I do not have a flash on my iPhone 3GS.  So alas, these recaps are most likely pretty boring without pictures to break them up, so I'll keep it brief and throw in a couple relevant pictures from google.  I'm just going to have to do this until I get a new camera :)

Friday night:
-Met Jess at Azteca for chips and margaritas
-Sang some karaoke and stayed out later than anticipated with Jess, Ryan, Mat and Ashley
haha, see, totally looks like us! ;)
-AUDITIONS! I tried out for the King & I and Singin In the Rain in hopes of making the ensemble for one of them.  Surprisingly, my brother decided to try out too!
-Company Holiday Party at the Blackhawk Hotel.  Lots of drinking, some mediocre food, socializing with coworkers outside of work, and getting our dance on.
All smiles all night, hahaha
-Spent time with my Little and went to Beauty and the Beast in 3D
-Ryan and I enjoyed a night in and watched Moneyball
-Woke up sick :( It finally hit me, the cold bug.
-I laid on the couch all day and watched Ryan play Skyrim.  Good stuff.
Let's hope I get a camera soon...HINT HINT Ryan! :) Let's also hope I get better soon, because I am very much looking forward to Girl's Weekend in Des Moines this coming Friday-Sunday.  Just wish I had a camera to capture it all (wink wink).

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  1. I will take pictures when I am there this weekend :) Yay your birthday is just around the corner! I see a camera in your near future!! :)