I am thankful for...

I am getting a jump start on this post because I'll be busy cleaning tomorrow to get ready for our guests this weekend! 
Sometimes I complain, I feel concerned, I get stressed out, I have fights, I cry, I lack motivation, I look for help, or I want to be somewhere else.  I am human, and I make mistakes and don't always see the goodness in front of my eyes.  I try to not take things for granted, but let's be honest, it often unintentionally happens.  I love that at least once a year (and usually more), I am reminded to step back and look at my life and appreciate everything and everyone I have in it.  I pinned this to my Pinterest a couple weeks ago...I truly am thankful.
I bet all of you reading this have all of those blessings to.  Be thankful.

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  1. I needed to read this today Sarah. Really been a "Debbie Downer" this morning and really negative about things. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful!