Two EASY Recipes

These two recipes are so ridiculously easy that I figured I'd just share them in one post.  I made both of these yesterday and just had to share the ingeniousness of them.

I suppose I wouldn't so much call this first one a recipe as much as I would a fantastic idea! I got this idea from Pinterest, or course.
Step one: buy jumbo cinnamon rolls
Step two: heat up and grease waffle iron
Step three: place one roll on each divided side
Step four: cook until light goes off (or a little before) 
Step five: top with icing and enjoy!

They were so good and so easy.  When you want cinnamon rolls, but don't care about to gooeyness of baking them, these taste great and they're obviously quite fast to make!  It has been a couple of years since I've cinnamon rolls at home, and at a whopping 360 calories each, it will be a long time until I have them again....but I would make them this way again for sure!

As for recipe number two, you will need to go to the store to purchase the ingredients...all two of them that is!
Pumpkin Spice Cake
Step one: Buy one box of spice cake mix and one 15 oz can of pumpkin
Step two: Stir together in a bowl until mix is moist, then spread into a greased cake pan
*Note that because this batter is not runny, you will have to spread the batter out as evenly as possible.  This step worried me two, I could have sworn I was going to get a super dry cake.
Step three: Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes (for me this ended up being 22 min) and remove to cool
*Again, I could still see the texture quite defined so was worried it was just one big, dry cake thing...but when I pressed a finger on it, it was bouncy! I was excited!
Step four: Cut of a piece and top with light cool-whip and enjoy
Oh my goodness, this cake is just to die for.  If you make the 9x13 cake and cut into 15 pieces, it is 137 calories per slice.  Two tablespoons or light cool whip is 20 calories per slice.  So for just over 150 calories, you get a delicious snack to satisfy that sweet tooth.  Also, if you make this into 24 mini cupcakes, each one would be 86 calories.

Happy Monday and happy eating!

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  1. Yum!! I think I will have to try this cake! It looks awesome, specially this time of year! Thanks for sharing Sarah! Love you!