Three Day Weekend Recap

For some reason, short weeks at work always feel like the longest, so I was so ready when I got off work on Thursday!  What was going on on a Thursday night you ask? Why, Game of Thrones marathon of course.  Ashley came over to continue catching her up on the amazingness that is Peter Dinklage...and the rest of the cast, and show.  I think we only have two episodes left now and she'll be all caught up!
On Friday, I met Brooke for breakfast and we sat at Panera for almost three hours discussing her wedding! So much fun :)  Later that afternoon, Ryan and I went up to Cedar Rapids to visit my sister and Brad.  We had a great time snacking, playing boggle and eating Pad Thai.  Then we headed out to Dublin for a couple of drinks and played some shuffle board.  We didn't stay out super late because we wanted to get home and play some euchre!  We had a lot of fun Friday night before finally going to bed around 1:00 (yes, I made it that long!).

On Saturday, Emily made some delicious banana bread and then we went to Perkins later for brunch/lunch.  Ryan and I did head home after that and enjoyed an entire Saturday evening/night at home doing NOTHING! Oh it was wonderful :)
Sunday, I got up early and went to the gym! I love early mornings at the gym...not many people there at all.  Then I came home and made breakfast (see precious post) and got some stuff down around the house before going to choir practice.  Last night, we caught up on two of our favorite shows and then I finally went to bed.
Top Chef: Texas just started
It was a good weekend, and now it's already over :(  That's alright, it's a new week and I'm going to rock it!

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  1. Yay!! Great weekend! Thanks for coming and cooking the best dinner ever!! We had it for dinner on Saturday too!! YUMMY!! :) See you next weekend!