August Goals

A couple of months ago, when I started slacking off from posting in blog, one of the first things to go was my recurring monthly goal post.  Probably because I was tired of failing to meet my goals...but my motivation is back and I'm physically feeling better than I have for the past few months, so it's goal time!

  1. Start reading a book, a fluff book!  I have some friends that want to restart book club, so I need to ease back into reading with something easy...and no, it will not be 50 Shade of Grey, blech!
  2. Lose 5 pounds by the end of the month (starting now).  I've already lost 2, but I'm confident I can wiggle a few more off, preferably by Brooke's wedding in two weeks!
  3. Do 2 5Ks per week, and of course, I mean at the gym.  I don't care if I walk them, I just want to complete that distance each time I hit the treadmill.  The other 2 days I spend at the gym are usually on the bike/elliptical for 20 minutes and circuit training for 20 minutes.
  4. Get my rear in gear and sign up for the Cocoa Beano 5k before registration fills up!
Last year's Cocoa Beano group
That's good enough for now, considering there's not a full month left.  Just wait until you see next months goals, lol.  Buying a house gives you big dreams and goals, most likely unrealistic ones!

Happy Thursday!

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