Weekend Recap: October 19-21

This weekend at home felt longer than normal (woohoo), due to the fact that I did not have choir rehearsal on Sunday evening.  I love being in choir, but I do not like the rehearsal time, on Sunday from 4:45-7:00, at all.  So this past weekend, there was no rehearsal, so I made the most out of my Sunday, and my whole weekend! :)

Friday night = Girl's Night #1.  Dinner with Nicole and Brooke.  Getting hit on/insulted by a really drunk guy.  Brooke getting told she looks like Justin Bieber by said drunk guy. Meeting Jaqui at Derek's concert.  Dancing to "Gangnam Style" with Nicole's mom. Enjoying the night with girl friends.  Drinking too much.

Saturday night = Girl's Night #2.  Movie night at Jess'. A random/frustrating trip to HyVee. Delicious frozen beverages (Mango Daiquiri, hello).  Watching one terrible movie.  Watching one fantastic movie.  Megan, Jess, and I all deciding to call it a night at 10:30 because we are lame and we were tired.  Taking no pictures. :(
Terrible Terrible Terrible
Great Movie!
Sunday = FOOTBALL.  Cooked all morning.  Mom and Dad joined us for lunch.  We finally got pictures in front of our house.  Took a nap after my parents left.  Ryan's family came over for dinner.  Ate some awesome chili.  Watched football.  Watched 60 minutes.  Cleaned up when they left.  Watched more football.  Enjoyed not having choir.

The bricks on the roof are flattening the shingles. :)
Happy Tuesday friends!

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