Weekend Recap: November 2-4

I'm back!  And I promise to post about Halloween weekend soon, I just keep forgetting to upload pictures from my phone since I have several on there...whoops!  Anyway, this past weekend is recap worthy, so here we are.  Ryan and I hosted some family (and family friends) at our new house for a party, well, basically a housewarming party, we just didn't call it that. We had such a wonderful weekend with those who joined us and filled our house with love!

On the menu, we had: Pulled Pork, Maid Rites, Cheesy Potatoes, Corn and Broccoli Casserole, Pasta Salad, Mandarin Orange Salad, Pistachio Fluff, a big ol' cookie cake, veggies, chips, banana bread, and BEER!  We almost didn't have enough beer, I had to send my sis to pick up some more!  I think that means it was a successful party.  We all had a lot of fun, and took a lot of pictures.

We had loads of fun with everyone, and plenty of left overs to provide us some meals for the next few days.  Now we are plotting out our shopping adventure to use the gift cards to every which home improvement store in the area!

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