Weekend Recap: November 16-18

We had a great weekend.  I like when friends come home for the holidays!  First of all, Friday night, Ryan and I tried to go see Lincoln, but it was sold out!  Plus, the theater was nuts because it was also opening night for the new Twilight movie, so we were happy to leave.  We ended up going down to 11th Street Precinct and Funktastic 5 (our favorite local band) was playing!  We had a fun night.

Saturday morning, we joined up with friends to "watch" the Iowa game, but really just to eat good food and catch up.  It was a joyous event :)

After our wonderful reunion, I hit up the gym, and then hit up the couch for a nice nap before getting ready for the evening.

Saturday evening, I picked up Hannah and we went to the Holiday Pops concert.  But first, dinner at Old Chicago!
Following dinner, we crossed the river to the iWireless center.  To avoid paying for parking and continuing to wait in the long line of cars, we parked on a side street a stumbled upon a beautiful courtyard to take some pictures on our walk to the concert.

We had a great time at the concert!  It was really good, and we had so much fun.  We even had some dance parties in the car on the way there and on the way home.  What else to do with all of that free time waiting and waiting in the car?

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, which was nice.  Of course, I did have to go to choir rehearsal for a couple of hours, but beyond that, it was pretty uneventful.  All in all, it was a pretty darn good weekend.

Happy Wednesday!

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