Summer Favorites

The summer is definitely coming to a close...and I'm OK with that, since fall is by far the best season ever.  And it is totally starting to feel like autumn outside!  However, there are some summer activities and weekends away that I just wouldn't want to trade for anything.  Even though I work full-time, year-round, I have a slightly different approach to my free time in the summer, and I know once winter sets in, I"ll be begging for summer again!

I just wanted to share some of my favorite summer moments through pictures, and I am going to try to focus mainly on ones that didn't make it to my blog, though I'm sure I'll sneak a few in there! :)
Brewery Tours of Colorado
Exploring in Colorado
Shear beauty in Colorado
Nights In With Friends...singing!
River Bandits Games with Friends
River Bandits Games with booze!
Bix Race and Post-party
Moonlight Chase (mostly after party)
Visiting my twin in Des Moines
Outdoor concerts
Birthday Parties
Participating in "The Olympics"
Celebrating the single-hood of one fine lady!
Wine Walk in The Village
United Way Day of Caring
Spending time with family!
Witnessing the marriage of these two badasses
Being a bridesmaid with these two sweethearts
Lindsey coming home from Morocco and getting married!
I'd say the Summer of 2012 was pretty awesome in my book.


  1. What a great post! It's always nice to look back and remember all the good time :) Hope fall will be just as fun!

  2. You had a really fun summer with so many more to follow.