Recap Reluctance

The thought of even attempting a "summer recap" post is overwhelming!  I've been MIA since the end of March and I want to catch up on everything I missed.  But let's be real, if I am going to continue this on a semi-regular basis going forward, I can't commit to such overwhelming posts.  I need to keep it simple.  But I do feel an obligation, if only to myself, to keep this blog going.  So I'm going to do a series of quick little catch-ups of some of the highlights (and maybe some low-lights) of the past few months.

Preview of things to look forward (or really, backwards) to:
  • Girls Nights
  • North Carolina
  • Live Music - All summer long!
  • Family reunions/graduations/birthdays
  • Wedding Fun
  • Career Change!
Happy Tuesday ya'll!

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