Follow Your Dreams

I quit my job!  It was a very scary decision to make...and I'm still wondering how things will turn out for our budget, because taking on more debt will NOT be an option!  However, I have been BEYOND happy to start my "Back-To-School" career substitute teaching in two school districts.  I have been in the elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools!  I am soaking it all in and trying to decide where my heart lies for future career choices.

Jobs I am Currently Qualified For:
*5th-12th grade language arts/English teacher
*Reading Interventionist
*Private Preschool Teacher

Jobs I'm Debating Further Education For:
*Elementary Teacher
*Special Education Teacher
*Middle School Teacher w/ Social Studies Endorsement

Ultimate Dream Job Someday:
*Speech Language Pathologist

Unless I get a full-time teaching job with my current license, I will probably continue subbing until I am able to start taking classes towards one of the other endorsements.  With my ultimate goal of someday (many years from now) becoming a Speech Language Pathologist, I'm leaning toward the special education endorsement.  I have been picking up a lot of special ed jobs in the schools, and I am loving it!

More to come I'm sure, but know that I am so crazy happy with my recent career change...it feels so good to follow your heart! :)

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  1. Yay!! So happy for you!! So glad you finally followed your dreams! You deserve the most happiness!!! :) love you!!