5 Months Pregnant: Is This Real Life?

Some days, I feel like any average pregnant woman, with the normal aches and annoyances of a typical pregnancy; all worth it, of course, because of the bundle of joy waiting at the end of 9 months.  And some days, I am washed over with disbelief in that I am actually pregnant, after all of the struggles and questioning what our path would actually be.  It just hits me: holy crap, there is a miracle baby growing in my belly!  A baby I often doubted would ever exist and that I sometimes take for granted when complaints of achy feet and sleepless nights overwhelm me.  

This little girl is a very real baby, one that I am nurturing and caring for as I write this.  She reminds me of her reality by punching me in the bladder regularly.  But I am so grateful for her proof of living inside me.  At 23 weeks, I wonder how her active ways will increase as she grows.  This leads me to wondering a lot of things about my precious little daughter.

In less than 4 months, I will meet the child that will forever change our lives.  What will she be like?  Will she take on my flair for the dramatic?  Will she be practical and responsible like her daddy?  Will she be blonde or brunette?  Will she inherit Grandpa's sense of humor?  Perhaps she'll be faithful and love the Lord like Grandma? Chances are, she will be completely unpredictable and full of surprises.  And she will be loved.  Our hearts already grow day by day as the reality of her existence grows stronger with each kick, each doctor's appointment, and each day that ticks away on the countdown.

We are truly blessed with our little miracle girl.  We can't wait to meet our princess, and while we wait, we will continue to be grateful for the journey that brought us this far.  We will cherish our final months as a family of two, awaiting our future as a family of three.  I will be grateful for the back pain, the swollen fingers, and the urgent need to pee every hour.  Nothing is quite as rewarding and exciting as the period of waiting for your biggest wish to come true.
23-Week Bumpie

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