August 2015 Recap: Part 2

...Let's continue the recap of my August adventures.  There is so much awesome to remember!

Maternity Photo Fun!
Mom wanted to practice taking some portraits, so we used the good weather and my current pregnant status to take some fun pics!  It was a good time, though I'll have to have a round two so Ryan can get in a couple!
Awesome Adventure #3: Indianapolis Road Trip
Having a small break between summer school and the beginning of the school year led to an opportunity to visit my bestie in Indiana!  I drove out to visit Brooke on a Tuesday and came home on a Thursday.  It was too short a visit, but it was also just what I needed before the school year began.

We enjoyed our time with Jack, lots of catching up, a fun trip downtown, and a nice girls only dinner on my last night.  It was the perfect end to my summer!
Awesome Adventure #4: Inservice/First Week of School
Ok, so this doesn't really seem like an "awesome" adventure...but for me, it sure was!  This August marked my very first beginning of the school year as a real full-time teacher!  I excitedly went to inservice each day, anxiously anticipating the first day of school with the students.

At this time, I don't really have any pictures from this fun time in my life, but hopefully I snap some with my amazing co-workers soon!  This time in my life has been so exciting, but also stressful.  It's all been worth it though, because I am finally following through with the dream of being teacher, a dream I've had since junior high and that I too easily set aside for several years.  But in retrospect, this is the perfect time in my life to begin this career, as I think I've finally reached a point that while it's stressful, I can truly enjoy it and handle the workload a first-year teacher has.  

Yes, it's inconvenient to have to take maternity leave during the first semester of my first year of teaching...but I already know that it will be so much easier to return to a job that I love after my baby girl is born.

More August Extras:
Sometimes, I really slack at taking pictures.  August wrapped up with a dinner out at Alli's parent's house...a mini reunion of high school best friends.  So lovely to see my long-time girl friends, as always.  I also spent an evening baking and watching movies with Hannah!  We enjoyed a day up in La Porte City visiting family and attending yet another family reunion.  I went to my first high school football game at Bettendorf, wearing the black and gold of the Bulldogs.  It was a fun time, though I felt like a traitor the whole time, lol!

September has already started out with excitement, so this month's recap will be a great one too, hopefully with more pictures!  I also need to try to take more bump pictures...I've totally been slacking!  That, and I plan to post another pregnancy update soon. :)

I hope you all have an amazing Labor Day weekend!

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