Weekend Recap July 8-10

I love summer weekends.  I love the activities, I love the clothes (haha), I love being outside...even on really hot days.  I don't know, as per usual, I'm pretty sure this summer is flying by wayyyyy to fast!  This past weekend was filled with mostly local activities, and a lot of fun.  Not so much relaxing, which would explain why I was SO TIRED Monday morning.  Here's the breakdown:
Girls night!  My friend Brandy is moving to Missouri as soon as she finds a job, so we had to designate a night out before time got away from us.  Ashley, Brandy, and I met up at Brandy's for some drinks before hitting up karaoke where our friend Jaqui was DJing.  It was a wonderful time, we sang some great songs, including "Wannabe," "Zombie," "Toucha Toucha Toucha Me," and I serenaded Ashley with "The Way I Am" :)

I started Saturday off at 7:30 with a couple hours of work :( So of course it could only get better.  Ryan and I spent the afternoon at the John Deere Classic and had a great time.  It was a lot of walking, especially up and down hills, so I was getting really nervous for my race Saturday night because I was already so tired!  What race you ask? Why the Moonlight Chase of course.  The Moonlight Chase is a 4-mile night-time race out in Eldridge, IA (where I grew up) and the course is wonderful! You walk/run through town and there are people lining the entire course cheering you on.  It was hot and hilly, but I'm so glad I did it!!  You can find the results here, yes that's me in 1,280th place! =) And I couldn't be prouder, so take that!  My goal is just to continue improving.  I already improved my mile pace just in the one week since my 5K, so just gotta keep going!
Nervous before the race
I picked up my lil' bro and we drove up to Cedar Rapids to see my sister's new house!  It was a VERY hot day, so we spent the majority of it inside, but was a great day.  They have a cute house, and I'm so glad they are out of the apartment with all the college kids!  When  we got back from C.R. later that evening, Ryan and I had to clean up and go grocery shopping for his little birthday dinner that we had with his family last night (Monday night).  

I was SOO tired Monday morning, I didn't want to work.  But it's already Tuesday, and I cannot wait until Thursday! Why am I so excited for Thursday?! HARRY POTTER AT MIDNIGHT!!!  And then I have Friday off and Ashley L is coming to town for the weekend...it's going to be quite stellar!  Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Fun fun weekend! I want to do the moonlight chase next year! It is such a relaxed fun race with a great atmosphere!! Wish I could've spent more time there and gone downtown for some good ol' Eldridge days!! It would've brought back some memories! :) Well can't wait till I get to see your pretty face again!! :) Have a great week!!