Kansas City Weekend Update

This past weekend, I went to Kansas City for Ashley M's bachelorette party!! It was a blast, such a fabulous weekend with a great group of women.

Friday Breakdown
-Got off work at 11:00 and drove straight to Iowa City to hitch a ride with my sister
-Spent the next 4.5 hours in the car chatting and singing :)
-Got to KC before my aunt was off work so we stopped at this ghetto Burlington Coat Factory that had a broken AC and I bought a $12.00 dress!
-Met Tonja and Melanie and went to the 54th Stree Diner, YUMM
-Went out to this sports bar and played shuffleboard and had some great drinks
I didn't think about the rearview mirror
Loves driving!
Enjoying some M&S
Missed the "Welcome to Missouri" sign, this'll do! 
Emily and her crazy spinning tactics.
Aunt Tonja
Emily's still smiling for the camera even after she lost to Mel and me! :)
Saturday Breakdown
-Breakfast at the Corner Cafe with Tonja
-Met Mallory at the Embassy Suites to pick up some snacks and drinks
-Ate lunch at the hotel while waiting for early check-in
-The girls started arriving at 2:00
-We gave all the girls a Boulevard beer to drink as a clue to what our first event would be
-Toured Boulevard Brewery, it was awesome!
-Played some games, took some shots, gave some prizes in the hotel room
-Enjoyed free drinks at the Manager's Reception
-Headed to the Power & Light District to Drunken Fish for some delicious sushi
-Got free Sake shots for having to wait so long to get our table (we had reservations)
-Out in the P&L district! It was hot and sweaty, but we danced the night away and it was a blast!  You'll notice the pictures get sweatier...lol
-When we got back to the hotel, we had Ashley answer some questions that Andy also answered, they are a great match! 

Sunday Breakdown
-Ashley M and I were up early, of course, so we got some free breakfast, joined soon after by a couple other girls.
-Ashley M, Emily, and I went swimming
-We packed up, said our goodbyes and checked out
-Emily and I met our aunt for lunch before leaving
-6 hour drive home, BLAH

It was a great weekend with family and friends! It was fun celebrating Ashley and her upcoming marriage.  I think she got some much needed girl time and a break from wedding planning.  Oh, and I can't believe I almost posted this with out including the highlight of the weekend!  While dancing in the courtyard, two guys started having a dance off.  Ashley decided to mimic one of the guys and it was hilarious! Check it out:

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