Outfits I Want To Buy #2

Having just finished the last three days of RAGBRAI (yes, I will post as soon as I get pics), I have developed a jealousy to all cute workout/biking attire.  I saw so many cute options besides my basic, padded, black, bike shorts and so many tops besides my basic, solid-colored racer-back tank.  I also broke my biking glasses so was stuck wearing my normal ones (which looked silly in my opinion) AND I need new biking gloves because mine are so worn out now.  So here we go, this is my top-to-bottom wish list for RAGBRAI XL (next year!):
Oakley, $200
skirtsports.com, $65
skirtsports.com, $85 (and yes, they are padded!)
Pearl Izumi, $22
Lake, $75
Realistically, I will probably shoot for getting the clip pedals and clip-in shoes next year.  Oh, and new gloves because they are a must!  I can manage with the apparel I already have, but maybe the cycling skirt will make it on to my Christmas list :)

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