Organize My Life

All because Ashley M told me about this amazing website called Pinterest, I discovered this 21 Day Organizing Challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons.  The rules are that you organize something in your house, every day (except Sundays) for 21 days.  The list she provided on her blog is slightly different than mine, but that's only slightly and only because some of the things on her list just didn't apply to my life and my house.
Here is my 21 day list:

  1. Junk Drawer
  2. Desk
  3. Tupperware cabinet
  4. LInen Closet
  5. Under kitchen sink
  6. Dresser drawers
  7. Pantry/food cabinets
  8. Coat room/closet
  9. Sewing/music room
  10. Laundry room
  11. The freezer
  12. Spice drawer
  13. Medicine cabinet
  14. Bathroom shelves
  15. Kitchen counters
  16. The fridge
  17. The mail & Random papers
  18. Keepsakes
  19. Bedroom closets
  20. Photos
  21. Bookcase
My goal/plan is to try to keep up with this daily as well as blog my before and after pics!  Gosh I hope this helps create some much needed order in my life as well as a more settled place to live, after 8 months! Lol.  Wish me luck and join in if you're interest! Happy Organizing! =)

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