Day 2 - Desk

Our desk is one of those multipurpose areas, since we don't really need a desk to work out of and we don't use our computer on it.  It is home to my music, old school stuff that may need to be referenced to apply for jobs, random papers we don't want to through away, and a random collection of many other things.  It had sort of become a dumping ground for things we weren't sure what to do with.
Well, it still needs to serve as that multipurpose area, because we have nowhere else to store those things, but I did go through and rearrange, refile, and throw away or put away many things that didn't belong.  It looks a lot better now!
YAY cleaning! Now on to the next thing...the Tupperware cabinet, which may turn into a couple of cabinets because I think our Tupperware cabinet is quite alright! :)

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