Four Days

I have a feeling my dear friend Ashley is going to have a hard time blogging for the next couple weeks.  Why?  Because she is getting married on Sunday!!  The week before you get married is always filled with little details, minor freakouts, dress fittings, honeymoon planning, and barely enough time to sleep.  Ashley has been busy with making so many things for her wedding by hand, I give her some major props!  This week, she has already accomplished many last minute crafts and I'm sure has a few more to do.

Today is Wednesday, in two days she'll be on the road to Ames.  Time to pick up that wedding dress and let the chaos begin.  Now, I feel I have a right to call it chaos, because I have been there before.  However, I don't mean chaos in a negative way, it's just all a whirlwind from the moment you pick up your dress!  We have a nail appointment, rehearsals, dinners, hair, decorating, pictures, and all of the actual wedding events.  It's all so exciting, it all happens so fast, but the memories are priceless.

So Ashley, if you get a chance to even take two minutes to read this blog post today, ENJOY. EVERY. MOMENT.  Don't get too consumed by the little details that you forget the big picture.  All of us will be there to celebrate you and Andrew getting hitched and none of us will notice if one table is missing a flower.  I couldn't be more happy to witness your marriage and participate in all the steps along the way.  I have known you from the beginning of your relationship with Andrew and I have witnessed how goofy, serious, sweet, harsh, caring, and most of all loving you both have been to each other over the last few years.  With every negative moment came a bigger gesture of love and a deeper understanding of each other.  So take a deep breath, look at Andrew, and let out a big sigh because you will feel comforted in knowing that when this is all over, you will be married to him, your husband.  And you will be his wife.  His silly, caring, organized, sexy, smart, and loving wife!

Yup, that was dripping with sugar, but I think it's the kind of reminder you need right now on top of the florist confirmations and the final seating charts.  Of course, call me if you need anything and I will see you on Friday! **You'll notice I willingly called him Andrew for this post** =)

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