Day 1 - Junk Drawer

So we do have a "junk" drawer...but I must say we keep it pretty well organized.
So besides a little cleaning out of trash and unneeded items, this drawer was good to go.  However, we have a "junk" box on our counter.  It was originally going to be used for mail organization and it became a place to put all random crap we couldn't find a place for.  And then it overflowed to the counter and blech, it was just a mess.

It's so convenient to just throw stuff down when you walk in the door and then just forget about it!  Not allowed anymore!  I put things where they belonged and threw away soo many expired coupons and a lot junk mail. It looks a heck of a lot better now :)

I think I'm going to like the satisfaction I get crossing things off of this organizing list.

Side note: We got our surround sound hooked up tonight!! Exciting!!

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