Weekend Recap(s): March 8-10 and 15-17

March 8-10
Sadly, I can barely remember anything that happened on this weekend!  Luckily, I have pictures to remind me. :)  Friday March 8th was our local fish fry, followed by some Cards Against Humanity, and martinis.  Super fun night!
Purple Nerds and White Gummy Bear
Ali lost her olive (left)
The rest of the weekend is kind of blur, but I think it's because Ryan and I decided to have a lazy day and do absolutely nothing on Saturday.  So we sat around in our pajamas watching Parks and Rec and it was so wonderful.  Sunday, we cleaned and organized our kitchen.

March 15-17
St. Patrick's Day weekend is always a lot of fun, and this year did not disappoint!  Friday night, Ryan and I were going to go to the hockey game, but we ended up choosing to stay home and watched Iowa State play bball instead.  It was a tough loss for ISU, but I'm glad we watched.
Saturday morning, I got up early, got ready with my sister and headed to Kelly's Irish Pub to meet Brooke for Lucky Charms and beer.  (P.S. Brooke has never had Lucky Charms before!!!)
Breakfast of Champions
Pre-race fun
Race time!
Celebrating our accomplishments ;-)
After lunch and a couple of drinks downtown, we went home.  Ryan and I got some stuff for the house at Menards and then we spent the evening at my parents house for pizza and just general family time.

Actual St. Patrick's day was nothing special for us.  I worked on a blanket I was making for a benefit this coming weekend (only to have it come to a very depressing end last night, but that's another story...) and then we made some dinner and relaxed.

This coming weekend: ASHLEY COMES TO VISIT, bags benefit, Mallards game. Should be a good one!

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